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Meet Samantha Brannon — Bryan University Medical Assisting Graduate

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Meet Samantha Brannon, a graduate of Bryan University’s Clinical Medical Assistant Undergraduate Certificate program. Samantha’s career in the healthcare industry started when she was in high school. At age 17, she became a Certified Nursing Assistant and worked in nursing homes for nearly 10 years. 

Samantha took a break from the healthcare field for several years before deciding to return. She started by searching for online medical assisting programs, as a mom of three and a full-time employee she needed a school that could work with her busy schedule. That’s when she found Bryan University. 

“I signed up a week later,” Samantha said. 

Samantha said she wouldn’t change anything about her experience with Bryan University, from signing up to completing her courses. She said registering for classes was easy, with everything done on a timeline.

The admissions team answered all her questions and made sure she had everything she needed before classes started. “They were just great along the way, the communication was perfect. I didn’t have to wait for responses, they were on top of everything.” 

Her biggest challenge during her education was balancing her busy schedule. She said the flexibility of the online program made it possible for her to complete her degree. “There was no way I would have been able to do it in person. It had to be online.” 

Samantha said in addition to the flexibility of the program, the understanding of her instructors made a huge impact in her ability to further her education. She said they were always available to answer questions and provided support and encouragement. “They were very, very understanding that everybody has different schedules.” 

Before finishing her degree, Samantha secured a job working as a Medical Assistant in a doctor’s office. She said the schedule gives her more time to be present with her family. “I have more time with my kids, just more time with family,” she said, “I wouldn’t have been able to do that at my other jobs.” 

In her current role, Samantha said the skills she learned in her virtual clinicals are invaluable. At BU, an at-home medical kit is included with the cost of tuition, allowing students to practice and demonstrate their skills. “The virtual clinics are so beneficial,” she said. “Without having some knowledge of pharmaceuticals, or knowing the proper way to take vitals…it’s the little minor details that seem nitpicky when you’re learning, but those are what’s going to make all the difference when you’re actually doing it.” 

Her advice for anyone thinking about furthering their education? Just do it! “There’s never a better time. You’re not going to regret it. It’s going to be the best decision ever.” 

“I had such a good experience,” Samantha said of her time with Bryan University. “The way that they have incorporated being able to teach you the skills you need to actually do the job and be able to learn them virtually, it’s just — it was great.”   

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