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Tag: Medical Assisting

A person wearing scrubs and a stethoscope holds a clip board
February 14, 2024 | #

Meet Samantha Brannon — Bryan University Medical Assisting Graduate

"There's never a better time. You're not going to regret it. It's going to be the best decision ever." Meet Samantha Brannon, one of BU's recent Medial Assisting graduates, and see why she chose BU!
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photo of medical assistant taking blood pressure
October 6, 2023 | #

Meet Olivia Poste – Bryan U Clinical Medical Assistant Undergraduate Certificate Graduate

"It exceeded my expectations because of how personable my instructors were. They were so friendly, and I didn't expect learning to be as fun as it was."  Meet Olivia Poste, Clinical Medical Assistant Undergraduate Certificate graduate and learn why she chose Bryan University to further her education!
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medical person holding clipboard|medical person holding clipboard
December 1, 2022 | #

Everything You Need to Know to Decide Whether You Should Become a Medical Assistant

Learn from Program Director Dr. Jacquelyn Harris everything you need to know to decide whether or not a career in medical assisting is right for you.
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medical person holding clipboard|medical person holding clipboard
November 11, 2022 | #

How to Learn Medical Assisting Online

Ever wondered how to learn medical assisting online? Learn from Dr. Harris how to get your medical assisting career started.
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Male and Female Medical Assistants
June 10, 2022 | #

Becoming a Medical Assistant from Home: Here’s How to Get Started

Your passion for people and dedication to wellness have paved the way for your future career, which is to become […]
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Female Medical Assistant
March 16, 2022 | #

Medical Assisting Certification vs. Accredited Degree: Which Is Better for Your CMA Career

Working as a certified medical assistant or CMA is a highly rewarding career path. Every day, you work with patients […]
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