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Program Licensure/Certification Disclosure

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In compliance with 34 CFR 668.43, Bryan University has made a reasonable effort to determine graduate eligibility for licensure or certification in all states for programs which can lead to licensure or certification. The chart below lists states where the curriculum meets licensure/certification requirements, states where the curriculum does not meet licensure/certification requirements, and states in which Bryan University has been unable to determine if the curriculum meets state licensure/certification requirements. All consumers should be advised that due to the frequent changes to state statutes, rules, and regulations, Bryan University cannot guarantee licensure or certification based on the list.

Pharmacy Technician Licensure/Certification Disclosure

The curriculum for the Pharmacy Technician Program at Bryan University has been designed to meet the PTCB educational certification requirements as well as prepare students to sit for the PTCB certification exam required by many States. The State Board of Pharmacy in each state are responsible for establishing the requirements for licensure/certification for their state. Requirements may vary from state to state and may change at any time. Students who intend to use their Bryan University diploma to secure licensure/certification in any state will need to review the professional licensure/certification disclosures in that state pertaining to their program and consult with the applicable State Board of Pharmacy. For more information, see the Pharmacy Technician Contact Information by State for a listing of each State Board of Pharmacy and determinations made by the University by state of whether the Pharmacy Technician curriculum meets licensure/certification requirements, does not meet licensure/certification requirements or where a determination has not been made.