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Virtual Networking Webinars

Bryan University provides online networking opportunities on a monthly or quarterly basis.

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Key Benefits of Networking

  • Understand industry / market opportunities
  • Improve communication
  • Get new ideas and innovations
  • Encourage mentorship
  • Find inspiration
  • Help start your own business
  • Seek encouragement to climb the career ladder
  • Develop lifelong friendships

Alumni Network

Are you interested in sharing educational and professional experience with BU students and alumni? Alumni mentors are partnered with students based on similar career paths, interests, and goals. This information is only accessible to Bryan University students and alumni.

Breanna Williams
"My day is complete knowing that I can help you, help yourself reach your goals."
–Breanna Williams, BU Mentor
Ashley Toronzi Alumni Mentor
"I know pursuing higher education can seem scary, but I am here to help in any way I can."
–Ashley Toronzi, BU Mentor

Advance Your Education

If you’re thinking of continuing your path to graduation and your new career, then we’re here to help you finish. Bryan U is now offering another new class start date that is 100% online with flexible learning options so you can fit your education into your schedule and finish sooner. If you'd like to continue your education, please contact:

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