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Available Jobs With an Associate Degree in Human Resources

When you earn your Associate Degree in Human Resources online, a wide variety of fields become available. Since human resources (HR) is responsible for hiring and enforcing company policy, this department is necessary in several industries such as healthcare, education, entertainment, government services, and more. 

If you possess excellent attention to detail, organization and compassion to handle conflict and sensitive topics with ease, then an Associate Degree in Human Resources may be right for you. 

Here’s what you need to know about the available jobs you can pursue following graduation. 

What is the Role of Human Resources in the Workplace? 

First, let’s address the role of human resources in the workplace. The human resources department at any company is primarily responsible for enforcing policies, including those at either a state or federal level. 

On a larger scale level, the HR department is also responsible for making sure the company is compliant with labor laws such as civil rights laws, anti-discrimination laws, fair labor and employment laws, and health and safety regulations.  However, HR also has important functions in companies such as recruiting, hiring for various types of positions, employee development, compensation and benefits, and HR is usually at the table for strategic conversations that will shape the overall future of the company. 

Keep in mind that these are just a few examples of the role HR plays in the workplace. They also assist with payroll, benefits, disciplinary actions, hiring, training, and employee retention. The human resources department truly keeps companies running smoothly. 

Jobs With an Associate Degree in Human Resources

Now that we’ve covered the role human resources plays in an organization, what kinds of jobs can you work by earning an Associate Degree in Human Resources online? The answer: many!

Here are just a few of the HR jobs available to you upon graduation: 


A recruiter is one of the most important jobs available in the human resources department. They are responsible for posting open positions on job boards and the company’s website, reviewing incoming resumes and applications, and interviewing prospective candidates. Depending on how the company is set up, some recruiters may simply review resumes and pass them along to a hiring manager to conduct interviews. 

However, a recruiter is responsible for doing the preliminary work such as phone screenings and checking applicants’ educational background/experience to ensure they meet the job requirements. 

Training Coordinator 

Training coordinators are influential in the human resources department as they’re responsible for ensuring new employees hit the ground running. 

In this role, training coordinators are responsible for developing training programs such as onboarding, orientation, diversity, and an overview of products. In addition to developing these training programs, they will also monitor employees’ performance and make adjustments to the programs as needed. 

Human Resources Generalist

Human resource generalists are pretty much the kitchen sink of the human resource department. In other words, they have their hands in pretty much everything. 

As an HR generalist, you provide administrative support to the department by interviewing potential employees, assisting with new employee onboarding, conducting background checks on new hires, printing out new employee IDs, explaining benefits, handling payroll, and pointing employees in the right direction if and when they need assistance. 

Working as an HR generalist is a great way to start your career in the industry as it allows you to gain relevant experience in a wide range of HR functions. Ultimately, this makes you more appealing to employers when you’re ready to branch out into another career field or industry. 

Payroll Assistant

If you’re good with numbers and enjoy tasks that allow you to utilize your organizational and time management skills, then you may love a role as a payroll assistant. 

As a payroll assistant, your primary responsibilities will be to keep track of employee invoices to review and process them so staff gets paid. Payroll assistants must possess excellent time management skills so everyone gets paid on time. 

Depending on the organization, you may work as part of the human resources or finance department, however, an online human resources Associate’s degree gives you the tools to successfully work in either.

How Getting Your Associate Degree in Human Resources Online Can Set You Up for a Successful Career Down the Line

An Associate Degree in Human Resources online opens you up to a whole world of opportunities, however, one of its best uses is that it sets you up for a career in the industry moving forward. 

There are no shortages of career advancement opportunities in the HR department, leading up to an HR Director, HR Administrator, or Chief People Officer/Chief Human Resources Officer. 

With an Associate Degree in Human Resources online, you can set the foundation that offers plenty of opportunities to try different HR functions to see what you like before enrolling in your Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources Management

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