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Setting You Up for Success: Student Success Coaches

Attending Bryan University has many benefits, including having a Student Success Coach (SSC) to help guide you through your academic journey. The role of an SSC is to help students with personal development while ensuring the path to graduation is seamlessly smooth. 

The Student Affairs Department is growing every day and is adding new team members to keep up with the multitude of students enrolling each term. One SSC in particular, Melissa Garcia-Petway, has been coaching students for the past nine years and wouldn’t trade what she does for her students for anything. 

We sat down with Melissa to understand the importance of a Student Success Coach in a student’s journey here at BU.

Motivational Support

Most of a Student Success Coach’s work involves giving their students motivational/confidence boosts in their academic work and being someone students’ know they can confide in.

“I don’t think of them as just students, but as a person in my life who I care about,” Melissa said. SSCs reassure students that they have someone to talk to without judgment. “Our students just want to be heard,” Melissa said when it comes to listening and trying to understand her students. 

Academic Transition Phases

Here at Bryan University, the Success Coaches are split into three different phases to ensure a student’s smooth transition into different stages of their academic journey. Melissa is a part of the phase one stage which handles the new start students for their first 16 weeks at BU. 

This stage is crucial as it allows the students to become familiar with BU resources and have any questions answered regarding their next steps. 

In phase two, students connect with a new team of success coaches who are alongside them during the middle of their term preparing for the final phase.

Lastly, phase three is the exciting part where students transition into the final stages of their academic journey and work alongside a phase three coach in preparation for graduation.

Academic transition phases play an important role in a student’s journey to ensure a smooth ride from start to finish.

Cross Campus Support 

An SSC is a student’s one-stop shop when needing cross-campus support. Melissa said she receives many thanks and appreciation for helping guide students to other departments such as Career Services, Academic Consultants, Financial Aid, etc. 

A Bryan University Student Success Coach is the first person to help a student navigate their way through any trials and tribulations that may occur throughout their educational journey.

Setting You Up for Success: Success Coaches 

At BU, a Student Success Coach will be by your side throughout your academic journey from start to finish. Whether you need help with motivation, cross-campus support, or purely just an ear to vent to, an SSC is here to help! 

“The majority of our students are going through major hurdles in life – they have given me a positive outlook on my job and why I love what I do,” Melissa shared. 

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