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Setting You Up for Success: Diving into Bryan University’s Student Resource Center

In today’s fast-paced academic environment, students often find themselves in challenging situations where they might need extra support. Bryan University has established an extensive Student Resource Center (SRC) that guides our students throughout their academic journey. Whether it is gaining access to the library, the writing center, or basic computer help, BU’s SRC is here to help!


The Bryan University library serves as a collaborative space for learning and collaboration. The library is here to help students with resources for homework assignments, research, and personal exploration. Students have access to an extensive amount of scholarly journals, textbooks, databases, and multimedia materials to help them in their academic pursuits. 

Amanda Henderson has been with Bryan University for over a year now as a librarian and has fallen in love with the culture, values, and programs that this university offers. “We have amazing library databases that are for student’s research projects, assignments – these databases are very authoritative and you can trust what’s there,” says Henderson. 

Henderson hosts webinars/presentations on all things related to the library whether that’s a quick tutorial on how to access databases, understand Grammarly, or a guide on how to navigate the library resources. There are also links to previous webinar sessions located on the same page if a student can’t attend. You can access the link to the calendar for the presentations here

Writing Center

Bryan University’s writing center assists students with avoiding plagiarism, writing in APA style, and encourages students to use Grammarly – which is free! Academic writing can be challenging, but BU is here to help in all areas.

Whether you need assistance in structuring your essay, refining specific arguments, or polishing a well-written paper, the writing center is here for you. The writing center also fosters critical thinking and self-expression, empowering students to articulate their ideas with clarity and confidence – never feel scared to turn in a paper at BU again!

Want even more help? Book a one-on-one session with any academic consultant through BU to improve your academic performance in writing and also to cultivate and memorize crucial lifelong skills for your career and beyond that. 

Technology Assistance

In today’s technological age, any device is ready to malfunction at some point, and BU is prepared for that.

The dedicated team of Information Technology (IT) professionals at BU ensures that students have the resources and support they need to thrive in their digital academic environment. Whether you are a new or existing student, there are options on how our IT professionals can fully assist you narrowing it down to your status here. A common problem one can face is figuring out how to stop pop-ups or remove adware, and IT can break it down and help students depending on which browser they’re using – how convenient! 

Feel free to reach out to the brilliant, digital minds of Bryan University with any technological issues at

Career Services

Bryan University’s Career Services Department stands as a cornerstone in navigating students toward fulfilling professional futures. The team’s commitment to helping students bridge the gap between academia and the workforce is unmatched – they offer a comprehensive array of resources and support specified to individual career aspirations. 

The end of a student’s academic career is just as important as the beginning, and ensuring they are set up for success in the work field is vital in their journey toward graduation. The department offers personalized career counseling where students receive guidance on refining resumes, honing interview skills, and developing effective job research strategies. Are you new to LinkedIn or have never heard of it? No worries – directly on the Career Services site is a YouTube tutorial on how to get your account started on LinkedIn. 

Bryan University’s Career Services Department empowers students to confidently navigate the transition from education to the workforce and to ensure students are pursuing meaningful and long-lasting careers.

Student Success Coaches

At Bryan University, the student success coach (SSC) team serves as dedicated mentors and advocates for their students – guiding them through their academic journey and beyond. Goal setting, navigating challenges in life, and simply having an ear to vent to is what this team is all about.

One of the primary focuses of an SSC is to provide academic guidance and support. They can assist students in creating personalized academic plans, identifying strengths and areas for improvement in each course, and also helping to ensure a student is well prepared for graduation. Additionally, an SSC is here to offer specific strategies for time management skills and study skills and can help overcome academic obstacles that may occur to ensure students stay on track for success. 

This team also works directly with other Bryan University departments such as the career services team to ensure students have access to a comprehensive support system. By creating strong connections with students and providing individualized support, the SSC team plays a vital role in promoting student success, satisfaction, and overall well-being at Bryan University.

Feel free to contact the Student Affairs Department at

Learn more about our student success coaches by clicking here

Student Resource Center Sets Students Up For Success!

Bryan University’s Student Resource Center offers a holistic support system created to empower students individually throughout their academic careers and beyond. From the writing center’s assistance in developing writing skills to the computer help services advocating for smooth technological navigation, and from the Career Services Department’s guidance in career preparation to the SSC team’s mentorship and support – every aspect of BU is designed to gear toward student success. 

Bryan University demonstrates a steadfast commitment to equipping students with the right tools and resources they need to succeed academically, professionally, and personally and the SRC is your one-stop-shop for all of that. 

To learn more about the Bryan University Student Resource Center, visit their webpage here

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