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Bryan U Employee Spotlight: Dr. Sophia Isaac, Career Advisor

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Meet Dr. Sophia Isaac, a Career Advisor at Bryan University. Dr. Isaac has been part of the BU Career Services team for nearly three years. In her role, she guides students as they bridge the divide between their education and their career. 

At BU, students come first, and the dedicated Career Services team is essential to ensuring students are job-ready when they graduate. For Dr. Isaac, her students are the best part of her job. She loves learning what they’re passionate about and helping them find success. 

“I love my students. When I talk to them and hear their stories, I cannot help but ask why they chose to pursue this particular field of education. Some will say they want to be a Medical Assistant because they had family members that went through challenging medical problems, or they themselves faced legal challenges and want to be able to help others avoid the same issues they were faced with. I love hearing their stories. It encourages me to work even harder in assisting them to reach their passions and career goals.”

Of BU’s six core values, Dr. Isaac said “Winning Together” resonates with her the most because that’s exactly what her department does. “Everyone has something to bring to the table in our department and I love it. We learn from each other. I’ve learned so much from my teammates and I continue to learn from them. We bounce off each other very nicely. We get along, we’re professional, we have fun, we laugh, and we’re good at what we do.” 

Dr. Isaac finds motivation and inspiration from her colleagues expanding new ideas and possibilities to help students be successful in their journey.  

“I have spoken to a few of my students who are homeless. They’re living in their car but yet, they’re working hard on getting their homework in. When someone who is in that situation can work hard to better themselves, the story is worth telling. When I have students who struggle and need a little encouragement I share success stories from other students who have faced Goliath’s during their educational journey and have found the light at the end of the tunnel. You must have the desire to work harder if you want to succeed.

Dr. Isaac is accomplished and extremely enthusiastic about everything she does. She holds a cosmetology license, an Adult Education Certificate, a Substitute Certificate, has experience as a business owner, is fluent in three language and holds a doctoral degree in organizational development in higher education. Her diverse background gives her a unique skill set and the tools to support her students effectively.

During her dissertation, Dr. Isaac found a passion for advocating for immigrants and refugee students. She uses that passion to work with two nonprofits, and in the next five years, Dr. Isaac said she sees herself using that passion in her role at BU. 

“I know that Bryan University desires to expand internationally, this is so exciting to me! I want to be a part of that progress and growth here at BU. I already work with international students and schools therefore, this is quite exciting for me especially knowing the Middle Eastern culture.”

Dr. Isaac said she’s grown into the higher education space during her time at BU. With a background in the business side of K-12 education and some substitute teaching, starting at BU was an entirely new experience, especially fully online. One of the most eye-opening experiences for her was going through the accreditation audit process at BU.

“It was a huge experience for me. I didn’t know the process was so complicated. It was challenging at times, but fun at the same time and very educational. I’m so glad I went through that process. I learned a lot.” 

Dr. Isaac’s advice to someone just starting their career at BU is to have patience. “You are going to love it here,” she said. “Be patient because there are so many new software platforms to learn at the same time. There are so many moving pieces that you’re all over the place trying to make sense of it all. Be patient and ask questions, we’re here to help each other and work as a team. Everyone is kind and understanding, they are so eager to help you become comfortable and to make you feel like you are an important part of the team.” 

Dr. Isaac said there’s not much about her that people don’t know. Her two boys who serve in the armed forces are her pride and joy! She loves the outdoors, reading, and cooking. “I love to cook Mediterranean dishes and pastries, I love entertaining to show off my baking expertise. I will be putting together a cookbook by the end of 2024 to give as a gift for my family.” 

She also loves to learn new things. “I’m never content and comfortable, I don’t like to be comfortable,” she said. “I am always looking for the next mountain to climb — literally and figuratively. I’m always looking for growth and to learn more.” 

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