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Meet Jennifer Losch – Bryan U Medical Billing and Coding Graduate

Alumni Jennifer Losch
Jennifer Losch, Bryan U Graduate

Jennifer Losch, a manager at McDonald’s, had been home recovering from a knee injury when she began looking to further her education from the comfort of her home. Her mother-in-law helped her look into several programs – and was sold on Bryan University. We like to say it might have had a little to do with the school’s name, the same name as Jennifer’s husband, Bryan.

As a manager at McDonald’s, Jennifer was looking for a more flexible career, allowing her to have more time for her family and the ability to work from home. She chose our Medical Billing and Coding Program because of the career path’s flexible structure. Jennifer chose Bryan because “they were the top accredited school I found during the search process and they were online.” The staff Jennifer encountered while beginning at Bryan reassured her of her choice. Jennifer said, “They [the staff at Bryan] were all amazing. It truly felt like they were really listening to you through the whole process.”

“Bryan University gave me confidence in myself. I decided to put furthering my education ahead of my work because I know it will lead to results”, Jennifer states. She found that being a student at Bryan enabled her to gain more self-confidence and improve her work-life balance. She can now work from home and further her education at the same time! 

Jennifer felt her educational experience at Bryan was both challenging and manageable. “I didn’t go to college because I expected it to be easy. It was a learning curve, but I was excited to take on this new challenge.” After helping her children with online schooling during the COVID-19 pandemic, Jennifer felt prepared to take on furthering her education online. She also found the flexibility of the class schedules to be a real asset. The LearnIt program, an online learning platform utilized by Bryan University, was valuable for memory retention and aided in her success.

Jennifer’s instructors were also a positive part of her educational experience. “I thought they were all very knowledgeable. They all work or have worked in the field they are teaching – which is extremely helpful.” Jennifer felt her instructors were very supportive; in fact, she is still in touch with some of her past instructors. As a busy mom, she appreciated the understanding, flexibility, and support her instructors provided her, making completing her program all the more attainable.

Currently, Jennifer is working on her Bachelor’s in Business Administration at Bryan and hopes to further her medical billing and coding knowledge with her bachelor’s degree to start her own business. For Jennifer, her experience at Bryan University exceeded her expectations. She wasn’t sure she would enjoy the online learning experience, but in the end, Jennifer enjoyed how the programs were set up and felt that she had time for work, family obligations, and time to work on her degree. Jennifer truly believes that Bryan University is truly focused on the success of its students.

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