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Employee Spotlight: Courtney St. Claire, Bryan U Student Affairs Support Specialist

Courtney St. Claire
Courtney St. Claire

This month’s Bryan University employee spotlight is Courtney St. Claire. Courtney is a Student Affairs Support Specialist at Bryan University who began her journey five months ago. She knew that her role at BU was precisely what she was looking for, a position that would offer a challenging work environment while helping others reach their goals. “When I found the Student Affairs Support Specialist position at BU, it was what I was looking for – a dynamic and complex job.” 

Courtney loves the constant change at BU, and that she can always learn something new. “I feel like my team and students value my work.” Courtney loves her team at Bryan; she appreciates the support and care she receives daily from them. The passion she has for her work and the help of her team reminds Courtney of why she loves her job. Courtney recently had a student include her as part of her smooth experience while enrolling, which made her feel appreciated.

For Courtney, working at Bryan has inspired her to be a more kind and patient person. She acknowledges that everyone she engages with is on a different life journey. Courtney appreciates that working at Bryan has allowed her to step into the shoes of others. “I remember that we are all human and we come with flaws, but those flaws are what makes us succeed at liberating the greatness in people!”

Courtney hiking Tonto Natural Bridge
Courtney hiking Tonto Natural Bridge

The best advice Courtney had ever received is, “your comfort zone will kill you”. She recognizes this quote as a truth in life and it has helped her face many challenges. In fact, just recently, she completed a two-hour hike at Tonto Natural Bridge which she said definitely took her out of her comfort zone.

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