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What to Look for in an Online College

Upon graduating high school, many people will take off to a new part of the country (or perhaps even a new country entirely) to attend college. You’ve always been open to attending an online college but choosing one when there are so many options can be daunting. You may ask yourself what to consider as you research online colleges. We’re here to help!

Here’s what to look for in an online college:

  • Affordable costs
  • Varied programs
  • Expansive curriculum
  • Program format that suits your needs

Ahead, we’ll elaborate on these criteria. The information is a can’t-miss if you’re on the verge of choosing a college, so keep reading!

What Should You Look for When Choosing an Online College?

Affordable Costs

Defining what is affordable varies by each individual and their specific situation, so keep in mind as you begin considering your choices that the college should be affordable for you.

Online college is naturally more affordable than a traditional college for several reasons. You don’t have to pay any lodging or residential fees since you’re not living or dining on campus.

Some online colleges, such as Bryan University, offer additional cost-saving features. For instance, when enrolled in most programs, the costs of your courseware and books are included in the tuition.

Plus, with tuition lock, you won’t have to stress about the cost of your college education getting incrementally more expensive the longer you spend in academia.

Your educational experience will remain affordable from beginning to end, just as it should be!

Varied Programs

If you choose an online college rather than the traditional route, you want to ensure that there are a variety of program options. Fortunately, you can browse all offerings via the college’s website!

At an online college like Bryan University, you can choose from a multitude of programs, including certificate programs, associate, bachelor, and master degrees in the following topics:

  • Master of Public Health
  • Full-stack web development
  • Graphic and web design
  • Business
  • Paralegal Studies
  • Healthcare
  • Exercise, fitness, and nutrition

Expansive Curriculum

Even though an online college might have an expansive program list, you should still dig into the curriculum to ensure that it’s what you’re looking for regarding your educational needs.

For instance, if you wanted to change programs would that be possible? Once you choose a program, can you only take classes within that program, or can you take classes outside of your program as well?

You must be able to answer these questions with confidence and be pleased with the answers before you choose an online college.

Program Format That Suits Your Needs

At a traditional college, you already know that you’d attend classes on various parts of campus, sit for an hour or several, then be released. You’d have time until your next class before you do it all over again.

If you choose to attend an online college, you may not know the format until you begin the coursework. The answer is that since online colleges run the gamut, the program format varies. For example, some may offer exclusively online courses, while others may offer a hybrid model that allows a few on-campus course options for their students.

Even among colleges that offer exclusively online courses, the formats vary.

Your education could occur asynchronously, which means the class format is presented for you to read, consume, and digest as you make the time. Synchronous programs occur in real-time but are still online.

You’d use video technology to communicate with your instructors and classmates during a class session. It’s like being in a classroom but without the inconvenience of traveling to reach a classroom.

Is Online College Better Than Traditional College?

You’ve researched some online colleges based on the criteria outlined above, and you like what you see. That said, you’re still debating whether you should enroll in a traditional college or an online college.

Is one better than the other? Are online colleges superior?

That comes down to one’s personal preference, of course. That said, the following benefits of an online college are undeniable.

No Commute

Even if you did feel comfortable in a classroom, it’s not always easy to pay attention.

When you enroll in an online university, your days of commuting to and from campus are over.

You won’t have to drive, meaning your gas tank will take you further. You can forget about sitting stuck in morning traffic, stressing about whether you’ll get to school on time or if you’ll miss your morning class.

Saves Money

Online colleges may offer cost savings over traditional colleges. You won’t have to commute, live on campus, or worry about any on-campus equipment you may need.

Autonomous Learning

One of the greatest benefits of an online college, if not the best, is the autonomy it grants students, especially in an asynchronous program.

If you do your best learning at night, then you could have the option to learn after the sun goes down rather than spending hours a day in the classroom. As long as you turn in your assignments on time, that’s what matters the most when furthering your college education.

Education That’s Attainable No Matter Your Circumstances

Although most people want to take the next step to further their education, it’s not always easy.

Some people might not live anywhere near a college campus. Others might have family obligations or even a job or other circumstances that prohibit their daytime availability.

An online university allows people in these situations to still pursue higher education so they can graduate with a degree and land a higher-paying job.

Get the Optimal Student Experience Through an Online College

If you’ve decided to enroll in an online college, Bryan University is a fantastic choice. We prioritize the student experience in all we do.

We offer live online events and classes to keep you connected with your peers and instructors. You can also link up with tutors, mentors, teachers, and peers using Zoom videoconferencing software as you need to.

We record all our live events and re-air them later so that even if you miss, you’re never out of the loop!

Our learning technology is research-based to accelerate learning and boost retention. You’ll do more than read through digital textbooks; you’ll also work in simulated job environments that give you a great experience in your chosen field.

Bryan U’s career services are also top-notch. We proudly offer career preparation webinars and workshops featuring industry experts and one-on-one employment counseling including job search strategies.

We can help you improve your interviewing and resume writing skills that way you are a more appealing job candidate. You’re free to access our vast network of professionals and employers while a student and certainly upon graduation too.

Contact us today to learn more or discuss enrollment!

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