Diane Earle : From 9-5 to Passion and Drive

dianeMy name is Diane Earle and I’m a graduate of the Advanced Personal Training and Exercise Science program at Bryan University.  I am 47 years old and a proud mother of three teenage children. Several years ago, I needed to go back to work full-time. I got a job in an office thinking that a stable 9-5 job would be great. I soon discovered that I hated sitting in a cubicle all day! After almost exactly four years, I got laid off. Even though it was difficult financially, it was a blessing in disguise. I began searching for a career that would allow me to work in health and fitness, but the skills I had did not fit the career I was pursuing. I have always been interested in sports and physical fitness, so personal training was the field I always wanted to be in. Soon I realized that I needed to go back to school to learn the necessary skills and techniques. Initially, I was hesitant, as I never liked school. After finishing high school, I just didn’t want to go back.

When I did finally decide to go for it, I found Bryan University online and it had everything I was looking for. It was important for me to get a degree because I don’t believe certification alone is enough. I work with a few people in a gym who only have a certification, which is a great short term solution; however, I think later on you need more. Ultimately I would love to manage a gym, and earning my associate degree at Bryan University is definitely a step toward achieving that goal.

Throughout the program at Bryan University, I enjoyed the online environment because of the live classes, the way the curriculum is put together, and the instructors. The live online classes worked so well for me because I focus better at home. Since I hadn’t been back to school in a long time, being in a comfortable setting in my own home made a huge difference. The curriculum was also very helpful in terms of the way I learn because each class is specific, rather than combining multiple topics. You learn a little bit at a time in a way that helps you absorb and retain the information, not to mention the instructors are amazing! I really enjoyed interacting with all of them and have maintained relationships with them to this day. My instructors made class fun and interesting, even on days when I was tired and didn’t want to go. 

Two instructors in particular that I especially appreciated were Sean Preuss and Jonathan Young. They were both so great and I learned so much from them. They are both so knowledgeable and passionate about what they do.  What makes them unique is that they didn’t just teach one way – they worked with each class and adapted to the way each class learned. They also always got right back to you, whether it was a weekend or a holiday. BU staff is committed!

Studying at Bryan University has allowed me to pursue a career that I want, and gives me so much confidence during the interview process while looking for my next job. I can now say I have an associate degree behind me, and that makes all the difference in today’s competitive markets. My advice to anyone looking into personal training is this: If it is something you are passionate about, you should absolutely consider Bryan University.  They offer a learning experience unlike any other and will take your confidence to the next level. 

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