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Tracy Sacca, Bryan U Grad: Finding Success in the Paralegal Field

Several years ago, my husband and I owned a business together, but we got divorced so I sold my interest in the business. I started working for a temp agency doing sales, but obviously it wasn’t what I wanted to do permanently. Back when I completed my first degree 20 years ago, I was choosing between the legal field and psychology and I chose psychology, but after my divorce I visited the Bryan College campus near me and became interested in the Paralegal E-Discovery program – so it felt like going back to what I should have done 20 years ago!

Finishing the Paralegal E-Discovery program has been a tremendous improvement in my life. When I started the program, I decided to volunteer for a court in Yellow County. I wasn’t making an incredible amount of money, but I was at least working in the field I was studying. After I got my degree, I looked for work for about four months. Then, through my contacts I had made volunteering for the court, I got a recommendation for the San Francisco District Attorney’s office, and now I’m an Asset Forfeiture Paralegal.

I love working in the District Attorney’s office. I work with law enforcement, investigators, and other paralegals. I feel like it is a group of people who really care about bettering the future and righting wrongs. Sometimes I see my coworkers walking down the hall and I imagine them wearing capes, because they are like superheroes! The people I work with are amazing. I feel like I’m doing something that is helping the world, which is very fulfilling to me.

The online format of Bryan University was perfect for me. I had two young children at the time and I was working full time, but I could drive home from work and attend my classes while taking care of my kids. The biggest challenge for me was getting home from work on time to start my classes, but my professors were very understanding and worked with me. Plus, since the class was online, I could always re-watch the first 15 minutes that I missed.

I loved the online classroom experience. To me there wasn’t much difference between being in my online class and sitting in a physical classroom. It was even better in some ways, because it was a one stop shop where you could access all of your books, class lectures, and any supplemental material the instructors had for you. I had the same connection and community in the online environment that I would have had on a campus. Honestly, the only difference between that and being in a classroom is you don’t have to wear shoes!

I had several teachers I loved, but Nola Wright was definitely my favorite. One time, I was sick for a few days and she hadn’t heard from me, so she reached out and even left me a voicemail just to check in on me. That was incredible. Nola is so knowledgeable and encouraging – definitely someone you would want to emulate.

I would recommend Bryan University to anyone.  The experience is unique and refreshing, the instructors are knowledgeable, and you leave Bryan with a renewed sense of confidence.

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