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Teaming up for Success

Going to college can be a daunting task. Whether you’re a first-timer or coming back after an educational hiatus, it can be a difficult transition.  On top of the typical discomfort, and the struggle to feel as if you belong within the community, life happens. Children, a full-time job or other circumstances we face can make a journey through college feel overwhelming. One thing that can make a collegiate career smoother to navigate is the development of meaningful relationships. Establishing relationships help us develop social competency as students and can help us feel better connected to the educational community overall.  No one should go through this journey feeling as if they are alone.

Some students work together or “team up”  and experience a host of benefits; which is exactly what Betzy and Jamie decided to do. Jaime was enjoying a career as a factory worker and had been for many years. When his position was eliminated he found himself seeking a fresh start. He found that fresh start at Bryan University. Jamie immediately enjoyed the sense of community he found with Bryan and was very active within the community. While he was doing well with his studies, he knew he could do better. Betzy was enrolled in the same program as Jamie and was seeking to expand her skill set to advance her professional career. Through the first few modules, Betzy was struggling. She had fallen behind and was not achieving the grades that she knew she was capable of.

Betzy had interacted with Jamie before and decided to reach out to him. Betzy and Jaime shared similar interests and both had a passion for their coursework. Before long, they were meeting on many evenings, sharing knowledge and encouraging one another to push the limits of their personal and academic success. When exams approached, they studied together. If either Jamie or Betzy were struggling with course material, they would talk through it and learn together. They both confided in one another and built a strong bond. Working together allowed them to combine their collective strengths, and being close friends, they were never afraid to ask one another for help if needed.

As a direct result of their willingness to work together, both Jaime Betzy are now Bryan University honor students. Working together has helped them achieve goals that may have been more difficult on their own as well as reaffirm their purpose for joining the program. The academic relationship they formed has now become a friendship. This friendship and academic partnership has benefited the pair tremendously. Jamie and Betzy continue to work together and experience a renewed confidence and sense of belonging within the BU community.   

This is just a single example of what interacting with your academic community, and forging strong bonds can do. Working together can bring about great mutual success and a stronger sense of belonging. Betzy and Jaime continue to excel in their programs and share a combined sense of accomplishment. Get involved in your academic community and you will find that you are not on this journey alone.

Reach out and team up for success!

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