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Web Development Career Opportunities Abound

The U.S. Department of Labor projects careers for web developers will grow much faster than average through the year 2030 at a rate of 10%-15%% or higher in the US.1

Gain the Coding Skills Employers Want

As the tech sector continues to grow, career opportunities follow. With an accredited Full Stack Web Development Certificate from Bryan U, career paths may include:2

  • JavaScript Developer
  • Full Stack Developer
  • Front End Developer
  • Quality Assurance Developer
  • Back End Developer

According to U.S. News’ Best Technology Jobs of 2019, Software Developer ranked #1 and Web Developer ranked #6 of the top 10 jobs.3 Also, Glassdoor ranked Full Stack Engineer #2 for the Best Jobs in America for 2022.4

Employers are Hiring

From Fortune 500 companies like Amazon and Adobe to nonprofit organizations, the demand for capable software developers continues to grow. To help fill the skills gap, top industries are hiring such as:

  • Software development & IT
  • Finance and banking
  • Software as a service (saas)
  • Web dev, media & entertainment
  • Healthcare & Education
  • Retail

What You’ll Learn

You’ll use industry-relevant tools such as Visual Studio Code, GitHub, Scrimba, and Slack to showcase your skills to employers. Bryan U’s Full Stack Web Development Associate Degree gives you all the skills from the Bryan U Full Stack Web Development Certificate program, in addition to many valuable skills that employers want, all while you earn college credit towards your degree:

  • JavaScript
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • Linux
  • Node.js
  • React.js
  • Express
  • MongoDB
  • Mongoose
  • MySQL & PostgreSQL
  • HTTP, AJAX, & APIs
Associate Degree:  
  • Python
  • Django
  • NGINX, Apache & Docker
  • Data structures
  • Algorithms
  • Testing, QA, & version control
  • Written communication & presenting
  • Teamwork
  • Critical thinking
  • Problem solving
  • Capstone portfolio project

According to a worldwide survey of over 80,000 software development professionals, over 70% had an associate degree or higher.5

Exceptional Value

Your investment in a Bryan University education also provides these benefits:

  • Declining tuition rates the longer you stay in school
  • Financial aid available, if you qualify
  • Cost for all books, technology, and courseware are included in the program tuition
  • Accelerated program so you can start and finish fast – saving you time and money and helping you get to work sooner
  • Job search assistance & preparation from our Career Services team

Track Your Progress & Showcase Your Skills

As a Bryan U student, you’ll build a professional portfolio using Portfolium to:

  • Showcase your skills to potential employers and clients
  • Highlight the skills you learned
  • Display the level of mastery you gained at Bryan University

A Better Way to Learn

Bryan U gives you an innovative, immersive online learning experience like no other. We combine the power of proven learning methods, skills progression, and industry experts with an evidence-based, tech-infused learning environment to ensure you develop the skills to be job-ready.

Get the Personalized Support You Need

Learning online at Bryan U doesn’t mean learning alone. When you get stuck, you can use our real-time scheduling system to get help from a tutor, join a study group, or meet with your instructor. This will ensure you make continual progress – all from the comfort of home.

Earn While You Learn: Dual Enrollment Available

You can enroll in the Certificate in Full Stack Web Development and Associate Degree in Advanced Full Stack Web Development concurrently. This means once you complete your certificate, you can get to work sooner while completing your associate degree.

Career Services for Students and Graduates

You’ll receive a dedicated career services advisor that provides job search assistance, job networking best practices, interview preparation, and helps you create an eye-catching resume.

For more information about our graduation rates, the median debt of students who completed the program and other important information, please visit our consumer information page.


1 Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor. Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2021-22 Edition. On the Internet at Site visited on 1/25/2022.

2 The Bryan U programs prepare you for entry-level positions. Also, each employer has unique hiring practices and job requirements, which may include years of experience and higher education credentials. Bryan U will assist you in preparing for and conducting your job search, but we cannot guarantee employment.

3 See rankings on the internet at, site visited on 1/22/2022.

4 See,20.htm, site visited 1/25/2022.

5 Stack Overflow (2021). Developer Survey Results 2019. On the internet at Site visited 1/22/2022.

Program Details​

Objectives & Courses
Locations & Credits
Program Faculty
General Education Faculty
Admission Requirements
Affording College


The Associate Degree in Advanced Full Stack Web Development introduces students to the various functional areas of web development and web communication, including the creation of static and interactive websites, servers, NoSQL and Relational databases, single-page applications, and the use of state management tools. In addition, this program develops skills in project management methodologies, end-to-end testing of web projects, data structures, and algorithms, and includes a second back-end software stack using Python. Security architectures and best practices are included as factors to be considered during design, development, and deployment. The Advanced Full-Stack program provides project-building opportunities to students throughout for creating a development portfolio and culminates in a capstone course project. The program is designed to meet the increasing industry demand for web development professionals. Bryan University delivers this program through dynamic, adaptive, experiential learning that includes personalized instruction and coaching. Following the completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Utilize problem-solving skills within various disciplines of web development: programming, communication, and testing.
  • Create relational and NoSQL databases.
  • Demonstrate literacy of key project management methodologies.
  • Utilize management tools and techniques to architect web applications.
  • Use logical thinking to identify and decompose user requirements from use cases, user stories, and user/stakeholder interviews into actionable program design elements.
  • Incorporate security best practices throughout the full-stack during the design and construction of web applications.
  • Set up a server environment for deployment.
  • Enhance and utilize design patterns and algorithms in the creation of web applications.
  • Implement unit and integration testing strategies inclusively into full-stack projects.


UNV-101T—Student Success and Soft Skills Foundations—3.0 credits
A course covering the information and skills needed to succeed in academic studies, including study skills, setting academic goals, managing time, and technology skills such as such as Internet research, e-learning tools, and collaboration software.

FSW-100—Introduction to Web Development – HTML and CSS—3.0 credits
Students will learn the fundamental technologies, including HTML and CSS used to create static web sites. Students will be introduced to the principles of web design. Students will practice skills that demonstrate professional attitude and behavior (e.g. teamwork, leadership, and communication).

FSW-105—Fundamentals Programming for the Web - JavaScript—3.0 credits
Students will learn the building blocks of programming, including variables, conditionals, loops, functions, data types, constructors, and functional programming. Students will complete exercises using the JavaScript programming language and be introduced to the practice of version control software using Git. Students will practice skills that demonstrate professional attitude and behavior (e.g. teamwork, leadership, and communication).

FSW-110—Document Object Model—3.0 credits
Students will learn how the Document Object Model (DOM) Standard represents a web page as a tree-structure, permitting programmatic manipulation of, and dynamic changes to, any part of a web page. Students will use JavaScript and the DOM API to create interactive and engaging websites. Students will practice skills that demonstrate professional attitude and behavior (e.g. teamwork, leadership, and communication).

FSW-113—JavaScript II-Intermediate Programming—3.0 credits
Students will become more proficient in JavaScript concepts of Arrays, Objects, Prototypes, and Functions; and learn advanced JavaScript skills, including: Spread Operators, Rest Parameters, Arrow Functions, Classes, and Events. Students will practice skills that demonstrate professional attitude and behavior (e.g. teamwork, leadership, and communication).

FSW-115—Communication Over the Web - HTTP, AJAX, & APIs—3.0 credits
Students will learn about interactions over the internet using HTTP, including sending information to a server and consuming/using information from 3rd party APIs. Specific attention will be given to popular web techniques, including AJAX and APIs. Students will practice skills that demonstrate professional attitude and behavior (e.g. teamwork, leadership, and communication).

FSW-123—Interactive User Interfaces - React—3.0 credits
Students will use the React front-end library (and associated third-party libraries) to create engaging and componentized single-page web applications. Students will learn how to use state management tool to maintain and manipulate state in complex React applications. Students will practice skills that demonstrate professional attitude and behavior (e.g. teamwork, leadership, and communication).

FSW-125—Server-Side Programming - Node & Express—3.0 credits
Students will learn how to create servers using node.js and the Express.js application framework to render web pages from the server and to service RESTful API requests and return responses. Students will practice skills that demonstrate professional attitude and behavior (e.g. teamwork, leadership, and communication).

FSW-135—NoSQL Databases and the Web - MongoDB & Mongoose—3.0 credits
Students will create NoSQL databases (e.g. MongoDB databases) using Object Document Mapping (ODM) libraries (e.g. Mongoose ODM) to add data consistency and validation, and to connect to an Express server. Students will practice skills that demonstrate professional attitude and behavior (e.g. teamwork, leadership, and communication).

FSW-140—Relational Databases and the Web - MySQL & PostgreSQL—3.0 credits
Students will create relational databases (e.g. using MySQL or PostgreSQL) in the connection with Express servers. Students will learn and use both direct SQL statements and Object Relational Mapping approaches. Students will practice skills that demonstrate professional attitude and behavior (e.g. teamwork, leadership, and communication).

AFS-200—Object-Oriented Programming & the Web - Python & Django—3.0 credits
Students will learn how to create complex, database-driven websites using Python and Django. They will gain a fundamental understanding of programming in Python by creating a variety of scripts and applications for the Web. The Django framework will be used to build authentication systems and web services.

AFS-205—Web Infrastructure & Server Deployment - NGINX, Apache, & Docker—3.0 credits
Students will learn how to create servers and reverse proxies using web servers (e.g. NGINX, Apache) and common web communication protocols. This course also covers server deployment with Docker, from initial configuration to the cloud, so students might learn how to create, deploy, and run applications.).

AFS-210—Data Structures & Algorithms—3.0 credits
This course provides students with the design, analysis, and implementation of data structures and algorithms to solve problems using an object‐oriented programming language. Topics include elementary data structures (including stacks, queues, arrays, and lists), advanced data structures (including trees and graphs), the algorithms used to manipulate these structures, and their application.

AFS-215—Testing - Unit, Integration & End-to-End—3.0 credits
Students will learn about unit, integration, and end-to-end testing of web code written in popular web development languages (e.g. vanilla JavaScript, React, Redux, and Node.) Students will practice skills that demonstrate professional attitude and behavior (e.g. teamwork, leadership, and communication).

AFS-220—Capstone—3.0 credits
Students will create an engaging, interactive website with server-side data, using all the tools and skills from the program. The course will also cover technical project management competencies, such as Kanban and Agile methodologies, and how to apply them in multi-developer environments. Students will practice skills that demonstrate professional attitude and behavior (e.g. teamwork, leadership, and communication).

CRT-110S—Critical Thinking I—3.0 credits
This course provides foundational topics related to logic and critical thinking including, informal logic, formal logic, and fallacies.

COM-115S—Interpersonal Communication—3.0 credits
This course introduces the concepts and theories of interpersonal communication. Students will explore the process and functions of communication, developing relationships, communication strategies and skills, and interpersonal language skills, including conflict management.

ENG-110S—English Composition I—3.0 credits
This course covers written communication skills with an emphasis on understanding the writing process, analyzing readings, and practicing writing for personal and professional applications.

ENG-112S—English Composition II—3.0 credits
A course building on lessons learned in English Composition I. In addition to reviewing the writing process, topics include research techniques, citation techniques, documentation formats, and critical analysis of written topics.

MAT-110S—Algebra I—3.0 credits
This course begins with a review of real numbers and algebraic expressions before covering algebra topics including linear equations and inequalities, lines and functions, systems, exponents, polynomials, and factoring.

For the most up-to-date course descriptions, please see the Bryan University Course Catalog.

Program offered 100% online.

Program credits:
To complete the program, students must earn a minimum of 60 semester credits. Generally, students take two courses at a time over an eight week time period. Two eight week time periods constitute a semester.

Transfer credits:
If you apply to Bryan University with prior college credits and/or a degree, we’ll accept as many credits as possible to validate the hard work you’ve already completed.

Scott Ashcroft
Scott Ashcroft, MBA

Program Director, Web Development
[email protected]

Degrees earned:

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA), Concentration in Finance, Mount Saint Mary's University
  • Bachelor of Science in Business, Mount Saint Mary's University


  • Full Stack Web Developer, V School
  • Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Developer, ConsenSys Academy
  • Database Management and Development, Frederick Community College
  • Network Engineering, Frederick Community College

Contributions to the web development field:

  • Educator and curriculum development

Areas of interest/specialties within the web development industry:

  • Fullstack development

Personal interests outside of web development:

  • Veteran advocacy, cryptocurrency, blockchain

Favorite quotes:

“Don’t wait for opportunity; Create it!”

Randal Carr

Faculty, Web Development

Degree earned:

  • M.L.A. in Information Technology, Harvard University
    • Certifications:
      • Web Technologies Graduate Certificate, Harvard University Extension Schoo
      • Unlocking Information Security Professional Certificate, Tel Aviv University/IsraelX
Jimmy Farley
Jimmy Farley

Faculty, Web Development
[email protected]

Degrees earned:

  • M.S. Computer Science, Kennesaw State University
  • Ed. Mathematics, Georgia State University
  • B.A. Mathematics, Mercer University

Contributions to the web development field:

  • Created websites for the federal government and in private industry

Areas of interest/specialties within the web development industry:

  • I am a full stack developer: I work with both the front and back ends of websites—meaning I develop projects that involve databases, building user-facing sites which involves working with clients during the planning phases

Personal interests outside of web development:

Spending time with my wife and watching sports

Valerie Akbulut portrait
Valerie Akbulut

Instructor, Bryan University

MA in Interpersonal Communication, University of Central Florida; MA in Multicultural Communication, DePaul University; BA in Journalism, Integrated Communications: Public Relations and Advertising, Butler University

Kelly Baker portrait
Kelly Baker

Instructor, Bryan University

DPA in Public Administration from West Chester University; MA in Communication Studies from West Chester University and BA in Communications from Immaculata University

Emily Chaffin

Instructor, Bryan University

MA in English, Arkansas State University; BA in English, Faulkner University

Christina Hammerton

Instructor, Bryan University

MA in Creative Writing, Arizona State University; BA, Psychology, Kent State University

To be admitted to Bryan University, prospective students must complete the following requirements:
  • Earn a high school diploma or its equivalent.
  • Be at least 17 years of age. If a student is under the age of 18, they will be required to have a parent or legal guardian counter-sign enrollment forms.
  • Fill out the University’s Application and pay a $25 registration fee.
  • Complete an interview with an Admissions Representative. Please call 888-768-6861 or complete the Request Information form to schedule this.
  • Pass a computer and internet speed assessment to ensure technology minimums are met. Please see the university’s course catalog to see detailed technology requirements.
  • Complete all required forms for admission.
  • For transfer credit evaluation, submit official transcripts from past colleges and universities attended.
  • Complete an online introductory course – “LaunchPad” – to demonstrate the ability to navigate online coursework.
  • Note that students applying to healthcare programs may need to identify a practicum site. The university provides a list of approved practicum sites and will support students in site selection.
To begin this process, we invite you to contact a member of our admissions team at 888-768-6861 or complete the Request Information form.

Tuition Lock Guarantee
Bryan offers affordable tuition rates for all students, no matter where they reside. We don't differentiate between residents or non-residents. We also lock-in your tuition rate when you enroll, so you can rest assured that your tuition will never increase over the length of your program.

Tuition Goes Down the Longer You're in School
We understand the importance of helping you stay in school and graduate successfully. To help motivate you, we provide tuition discounts the longer you're in school.

Financing Options Available
As an accredited institution, students of Bryan University who are residents of the United States may qualify for federal financial aid. Our team of dedicated financial advisors can also help you understand what other options are available to you. To learn more, please visit our financial aid page.

For students who are veterans or active-duty members of the U.S. military, you may also use your military educational benefits, if qualified. Please see our military benefits page for more details.

You may also complete the Request Information form or call us at 888-721-9773 to receive immediate assistance.

The Bryan U Difference​

Tuition Lock Guarantee​

We lock your tuition rate once you enroll, plus tuition goes down the longer you're in school.​

Job Search Assistance

We provide students job search assistance while in school and once they graduate.

Accelerated Programs

You can get started - and finish - fast.

Welcome Kits Included

Once you enroll, we provide you a welcome kit package to ensure you're ready to start school.

Faculty Who Put You First

Our faculty provide you with personalized, individual attention and support.

Electronic Books & Courseware Included

We provide easy access to all your electronic textbooks and courseware.

Focus on Employment

You’ll graduate with a degree targeted for a specific job market and earn skills that match employers’ needs.

Learn by Doing

You’ll develop real-world skills by completing simulated job tasks and using industry technologies.

Return for Refresher Classes

As a graduate, you’ll have the privilege of auditing previously completed courses still being taught—at no charge—to keep your skills sharp.
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