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Your Questions About Obtaining a Marketing Bachelor’s Degree Online Answered!

Marketing is a topic you’ve been passionate about for a while. You’re eager to expand your knowledge further with a degree and begin a career. That said, you have some questions about how to obtain a marketing bachelor’s degree online.

Well, we’ve got answers!

These FAQs will prepare you to pursue a career in marketing with an online bachelor’s degree!

What Is the Best Degree for Marketing?

Marketing is a wide career umbrella where there are many titles, including field marketer, sales representative, marketing specialist, and marketing manager.

What degree is the best for an aspiring marketer like yourself?

We recommend a bachelor’s degree, and so does the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics or BLS.

According to this report from the BLS on how to become an advertising, promotions, or marketing manager, “A bachelor’s degree is required for most advertising, promotions, and marketing management positions.”

A marketing bachelor’s degree puts you in the best position to be hired for a fulfilling role with room for growth.

What kind of bachelor’s degree should you have? BLS recommends a degree in communications, marketing, business, journalism, or advertising.

Can I Get a Marketing Bachelor’s Degree Online?

You’re convinced that obtaining a bachelor’s degree in marketing is in your best interest for the success and longevity of your career. Do you have to attend a traditional college to obtain the degree, or can you do it online?

You can earn your marketing bachelor’s degree online! Many students who take this route find it quite advantageous for the following reasons.

Faster Graduation Rates

In the next section, we’ll discuss how long it takes on average to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in marketing.

For now, we’ll say that some online colleges offer streamlined programs that propel students through their coursework faster than at a traditional college.

This allows students to graduate sooner and enter the working world.

The Same Education as in a Traditional College, But All Online

There tends to be a misconception that attending an online college doesn’t hold the same weight as attending a traditional college.

You’re still doing real work in an online college. You have professors and classmates, even if you don’t meet them in person.

You’re earning credits that go towards your degree. The day you graduate and have that degree in your hands, it will be as real and tangible as anything.

Your educational experience is on par with what you’d experience at a traditional college. There will be no gaps in your marketing knowledge compared to a bachelor’s degree holder who attended a traditional college.

Less Expensive Than Traditional College

What about the costs between an online college and a traditional college?

Traditional colleges are typically a lot costlier for a myriad of reasons.

Many students pay for on-campus living and dining, which doesn’t come cheap.

Those who live off campus will commute to and from the college every day. These costs add up over time.

When you earn your marketing bachelor’s degree online, you don’t have to choose between commuting and on-campus living.

You can erase those fees, costs of paperback books, and on-campus living and dining.

More Learning Flexibility

One of the top reasons that students choose an online college is the flexibility offered.

As a student, you have the freedom to learn from your bedroom, your local park, the café, or even the beach, or backyard if you wanted to.

You still have to take your studies seriously, but you can learn where you’re comfortable.

Say goodbye to early-morning and late-night classes. Your time in academia at an online college will include a full schedule, but you can do the work on your time as long as you meet the deadlines.

How Fast Can I Get a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing?

You know the drill; a bachelor’s degree typically takes four years to earn.

As we mentioned earlier, online college students typically graduate faster compared to students on the same track at a traditional college.

Once you’ve completed your associate’s degree, you are able to quickly move to upper division classes, leaving less than 2 years to finish your bachelor’s.

You’ll spend less time in the virtual classroom and more time doing what you love, which is truly a win-win.

Is a Marketing Degree Worth It?

Is pursuing an online degree in marketing worthwhile? We think yes, and for plenty of reasons. Let’s take a closer look now.

Your Degree Is Versatile

A marketing bachelor’s degree online is incredibly versatile.

You could work in esteemed roles as a sales representative, marketing coordinator, customer service representative, digital marketing specialist, search marketing specialist, social media manager, or marketing manager.

Your career could take you to retail markets, service industries, non-profits, manufacturing and production facilities, finance and insurance firms, business consulting groups, and local, state, and federal government agencies.

You could even be self-employed!

Awesome Earnings Potential

According to data from the BLS, an advertising, promotions, and marketing manager earns about $64.12 an hour, which is $133,380 a year.

Some marketers even earn more than $200,000 a year. It all depends on the cooperation and your job position.

Working as a marketer sets you up to earn more than a livable wage. You can begin making your dreams come true such as owning a nice car and your own home.

A Marketing Career Is In-Demand

When selecting a major, you want to consider the longevity of your selected career.

Marketing has plenty of longevity. The BLS notes that the role of marketing manager is expected to grow between 2020 and 2030 by a healthy rate of 10 percent.

That’s no faster than average, but it’s not slower than average, either.

Per year, roughly 31,100 marketing openings are expected to be available every year for the next decade. 

Ready to Begin Pursuing Your Marketing Degree Online? Enroll Today

Are you searching for an online college to obtain your marketing bachelor’s degree?

Bryan University’s Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a Concentration in Digital Marketing is the ideal program for you.

The program will impart knowledge in marketing topics and concepts such as business economics (including international business), communications, strategic behavior, and organizational behavior.

You’ll also learn about finance and operations management, business information systems, digital media analytics, data analytics, integrated marketing communications, and advertising and promotional strategies.

The Bryan U program also includes a capstone experience as well as the chance to take an exam to earn your Digital Marketing Certificate through the Online Marketing Processionals or OMCP.

You usually have to pay for the exam, but you can take it once at no additional cost to you. Bryan U will cover the exam fees.

As a Bryan University student, you can also take advantage of interactive online events, online mentoring, and learning technology that’s designed to amplify your college experience.

All electronic courseware and books are included in your tuition as well!

Why wait, begin your Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a Concentration in Digital Marketing degree today!

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