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Career Services at BU: All You Need to Know

Graduating from college opens many doors for your career, but what if you’re not sure which door to step through? If your college provides career services to guide you, you’re in luck! You may be asking, what exactly are career services and what do they do?

Career services are offered through an institution to assist graduating students or alumni with their job search. Through career services, you can get a resume critique, learn about job openings and networking opportunities, have mock interviews, and more.

We will be covering what career services are, what they provide, and how they can benefit you throughout your journey. Let’s get started! 

What Are Career Services?

Career services are a support service offered by many institutions around the world.

As the name implies, career services are designed to prepare students for the next stage of their lives, which is graduating from college and joining the workforce.

Career services are available for students as soon as they’re accepted to an institution, and it’s never too early to begin using them.

Recent alumni who want to beef up their resumes or increase their interview etiquette are also able to benefit from career services.

What Services are Provided?

You haven’t yet explored the depths of the career services offered at your college or university, but now you have to admit, you’re curious.

What do career services offer?

The following support services are common at many schools.

Job Search Assistance

What’s the first step when looking for a job? This is one of the most common questions for graduating students.

This is where your college or university career services shine. You can visit the career services office and request help with finding a job either before you graduate or as an alumni.

Career services will be able to connect you with industry professionals and employers in your direct field. You could very well land your next job interview through these highly valuable connections!

Resume Writing and Refining

As a student or a recent graduate, you have a working resume, but you’d like an extra set of eyes to review it.

You know that a resume is a key part of landing an interview, so you want yours to sing.

This is where support services are here to guide you. You can receive pointers on how to write a resume so you can refine yours and stand out more to hiring managers.

If you have an existing resume, career services can often look over your resume and offer suggestions and changes for improvement. By implementing those changes, your resume will be job-ready, just like you are.

One-on-One Employment Counseling

Career services also offer one-on-one employment counseling if you need a more individualized approach.

Through the employment counseling services, you’ll be assessed based on your unique skills and experience, as well as what you’re looking for in a future job.

Your counselor will recommend job search strategies personalized for you, to maximize your chances of success.

Career Preparation Webinars and Workshops

At any point during your time in academia and beyond, you’re welcome to take advantage of career preparation webinars and workshops.

Offered at various points throughout the school year, the webinars and workshops both work towards the same goal: career readiness for students.

Led by industry experts, you’ll be able to hear engaging accounts of how these professionals got started in the industries they now work in. You may even be able to ask questions live.

Mock Interviews

One of the most integral but intimidating parts of landing a job is acing the interview.

Many graduates don’t have much interviewing experience, so their nerves can get the better of them and cost them valuable job opportunities.

With mock interviews, students can practice what a real professional interview will entail.

The career services representative will take note of the student’s responses and offer feedback on how they can improve next time.

By the time you sit down for a real interview, the student will feel much more prepared.

What Are the Benefits of Career Services?

Career services can be highly advantageous to both current students and recent graduates. Here is a summary of some of the biggest benefits.

Networking and Job Opportunities a Student Might Not Have on Their Own

Finding a job in a new industry is hard when you have little to no experience or connections in the industry.

College career services open the door to a larger pool of networking and job opportunities than you may have yourself.

Even graduates may find the quality of opportunities afforded to them through career services trumps what they’ve found through weeks or months of searching.

These kinds of opportunities could be just what one needs to get their foot in the door in their chosen career path.

Provides On-on-One and General Job Counseling

Whether you’re looking for generalized services such as job webinars or you need one-on-one attention, you have the option of either or even both through career services.

This gives students the freedom to decide how they’ll approach their career assistance, with support services being as involved or detached as the student or alumni wishes.

Helps a Student Prepare Both Their Resume and Interviewing Skills

Writing a resume and being able to nail a formal interview are both valuable skills that may need sharpening, and career services is just the place to do it.

Just as a student has trusted their institution for several years to teach them the basics of their future career, they can rely on support services to help in these integral areas as well.

Puts Students in Positions to Succeed

When a student knows where to search for work, how to write a great resume, and how to interview, they’re in an excellent position to succeed.

These advantages combined with their college education make their experience in academia worthwhile.

Looking for Support Services with Proven Outcomes? Trust in Bryan University

At Bryan University, free career services could be the next stepping stone on your path to your new career.

We offer our support services to both current students and graduates. These services are always free to take part in.

Whether you just graduated or graduated 20 years ago, you will always have access to our career services as a Bryan U alumni.

Your BU email address never expires. This provides the ability to use a professional email address for sending resumes and cover letters on your job hunt.

If you feel like brushing up on your skills, we also offer free course audits to graduates for life!

Enjoyed learning about career services? Check out additional student benefits offered at Bryan U!

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