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Bryan U Employee Spotlight: Emily Schulz, Associate Project Manager

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This month we’re highlighting Emily Schulz, an Associate Project Manager at Bryan University. Emily has been a part of the BU team for two years. 

“As a project manager, my role is similar to being the captain of a ship. I’m responsible for planning, organizing, and guiding my team to complete a specific task or goal within a set timeframe and budget,” Emily said. “I ensure everyone knows their responsibilities, deadlines, and keep everything on track. Just like a captain steers a ship through rough waters, I navigate the project from start to finish, ensuring it reaches its destination successfully.” 

Emily’s favorite part of her role is leading a team toward a common goal. 

“Getting satisfaction from encouraging collaboration and teamwork among my colleagues, as we work together to overcome obstacles and celebrate achievements. Overall, the sense of accomplishment and teamwork that comes with being a project manager is what I enjoy the most.” 

Of BU’s six core values, Emily connects the most with the value of “Trust and Be Trusted” because it emphasizes the importance of building strong relationships and fostering collaboration within a team. 

“‘Trust and Be Trusted’ combines the values of integrity, empathy, transparency, and seeking positive intent, which is the foundation for building strong relationships, fostering teamwork, and ultimately achieving project success.”

Emily takes the obstacles she faces at work, like balancing competing priorities and managing expectations, in stride. Ultimately, each project gives her more experience and confidence to tackle future challenges. 

“To overcome these hurdles, I count on effective communication, problem-solving skills, and the ability to adapt to changing circumstances,” she said. “As a young project manager, I believe it’s crucial to cultivate your unique style of project management. Every individual brings fresh ideas and innovative approaches that contribute to successfully seeing a project through to completion. Be bold and be you!”

To stay motivated, Emily finds inspiration in the impact her work has on others, whether it’s part of a larger project or something that helps a colleague. She breaks her tasks down to keep the momentum going and celebrates the small wins along the way. 

“I’m most proud of the personal and professional growth I’ve achieved here at BU. Through hard work and dedication, I’ve had the opportunity to explore various positions and roles. What I’m most proud of is the person I am becoming and the professional I am evolving into through this journey of continuous learning and development.”

Most people don’t know that outside of her role at BU, Emily loves to share her passions with others. “I love to bake and cook, finding joy in creating delicious dishes and treats for friends and family.”

Emily also loves gardening and photography — mostly capturing wildlife, flowers and her dog! “These hobbies allow me to express my creativity and share moments of joy with others.” 

Emily’s advice for someone who just started their career is don’t be afraid to ask questions. “I know it’s cliché,” she said. “Asking questions is how you learn and grow. Rarely are you expected to know everything from day one. Give yourself grace and take things one day at a time.” 

If you’re considering a career at BU, Emily’s advice is to explore the opportunities available to you and see how they align with your passions, skills, and career goals. 

BU offers a dynamic and diverse environment where you can contribute to meaningful work, collaborate with talented colleagues, and make a positive impact. In any role here, I know that the center of the role is around the student. We are here to create a fun, easy, and enjoyable experience for the students. We want to see them grow and learn and become the best version of themselves – confidently capable.” 

The Bryan University Employee Spotlight is an initiative that recognizes employees monthly. All employees of Bryan University are eligible. Learn more about Careers at Bryan University.

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