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Meet Sunya Rae Jones – Bryan U Medical Billing and Coding Graduate

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Sunya Rae Jones began her second college program with Bryan less than two years ago. Sunya, a mother and Certified Nursing Assistant in North Carolina, was looking for something more. Sunya was interested in computer systems based on some computer courses she completed before starting her family. She combined her interest in computer systems with her strong medical background and a desire to have a job where she didn’t have to spend so much time on her feet by pursuing her interest in Medical Billing and Coding.

Sunya decided to go back to school and begun her journey by researching available programs. After researching schools that offered medical billing and coding, Sunya reached out to Bryan University. “Bryan University looked like an excellent school with a great opportunity for me to pursue a credential in medical billing and coding,” Sunya said. After meeting with friendly admissions staff, Sunya knew Bryan University was the right school.

Sunya loves the experience of online education. Sunya likes that she can go at her own pace with online learning, and she feels like she is learning and understanding the material. “I like that I don’t feel rushed. When I was in a classroom, I felt like there was pressure to get the material quickly; however at Bryan University, I feel like the instructors want us to understand the material, but take breaks when we need to.” The other part of online learning Sunya prefers is the ease of getting into her classes and having all her class materials right at her fingertips.

But her favorite part of learning online with Bryan University is becoming part of the community at Bryan. Bryan University uses Yellowdig, an online interactive platform. Students and faculty can communicate, connect, and share ideas with each other through the platform.

“When I first started at Bryan, I felt nervous, and I didn’t think I could do it. I went on to Yellowdig and made a post about how I was feeling. Other students and teachers gave me encouraging words and told me not to give up.” Sunya took that post and ran with it. She completed her program with excellent academic performance and also joined the Pre-Mentorship Program. This program will allow her to develop skills to become a mentor to other students.

In addition to participating in the Bryan community, Sunya enjoys the live events on Zoom. During these live events, the instructors and students in the class discuss the lessons that are coming up and what they are currently covering. While these events are a great resource, Sunya feels that all her instructors are very welcoming, caring, and encourage their students to reach out – even via text message.

Sunya feels that her experience at Bryan University has far exceeded her expectations. “I never thought a University could have so many resources, and all the different teams to help me. For example, the Career Services team is awesome. They provide us with information about jobs, workplace readiness, and they host industry speaker events.”

Sunya is looking forward to advancing her healthcare career and she encourages anyone interested to apply to Bryan University.

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