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Celebrating Pride Month – June 2022 

Written by: Chestiny Fair, MS, Bryan University Faculty and IDEA Committee Member

June was first declared LGBT pride month in 2000. Since then, the LGBT community across the globe has various events that bring awareness to the importance of equality of rights and equal opportunity during June. Pride month has become more inclusive by expanding to LGBTIA+ individuals, and events are held that attract millions of individuals around the world.

The purpose of this commemorative month is also to recognize LGBTQIA+ individuals’ impact on history locally, nationally, and internationally. The push to acknowledge and focus on the LGBTQIA+ community and the numerous national advocacy and other important organizations brings greater attention to the work being done. It is up to the community to help support and encourage greater acceptance at every age and stage of life.

June 26th is a day that is designated to awareness and acknowledgment of the LGBTQIA+ community as Equality Day. To learn more about LGBTQIA+ pride month and related events, we encourage you to do some additional research of your own, as we all continue to work toward a society that is inclusive and equitable for all.

Happy LGBTQIA+ Pride Month!

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