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Meet Olivia Wolfe – Bryan U Associate Degree in Digital Marketing Graduate

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Olivia Wolfe recently graduated from the Associate Degree in Digital Marketing program at Bryan University. Olivia became interested in digital marketing while thinking about jobs she would be interested in. As someone interested in social media, she felt digital marketing would be a good fit for her. 

Olivia has a physical disability and chronic illness, which would hinder her job opportunities outside her home. Before applying to BU, she had considered applying for disability benefits, but Olivia knew she could do more with her life. So she began considering career opportunities that would give her flexibility and the opportunity to work remotely. With an interest in social media and content creation, BU’s digital marketing degree was the perfect fit. 

“I knew I could do more with my life; I just had to push myself. Going to Bryan and getting a degree really changed my life. I didn’t think I would ever get a job or go to college because of my disability, and here I am, just completed my degree and looking for jobs.” 

Olivia felt that the BU staff was highly accommodating. While working through the application process, she felt that staff members were always open and willing to answer her questions. And they were available – even giving her a number to text questions. “This was my first time going through the college process, so naturally, I had a lot of questions. BU staff couldn’t have been more helpful.” 

As for her program, Olivia felt she learned a lot. She enjoyed the program’s layout and how her instructors taught the material. “It wasn’t overwhelming; it provides the perfect balance for school, work, and family time.” Though Olivia is a casual social media user, she felt the program gave an in-depth look at digital marketing, social media, ad creation, and SEO, all great tools for a new digital marketer. Olivia felt that her program was precisely the type of material she was interested in learning about, and she thought it was the perfect stepping stone for a career in digital marketing. Because of Olivia’s health challenges, she was a little bit nervous that she might become overwhelmed with the workload or pace of the course, but as she went through the program, she was pleased with how flexible and perfect the speed was for her. She also took advantage of BU’s resources specific to her program, and she became Facebook certified and Facebook ad certified – a considerable skill to have when entering the job market. 

In addition to her work, Olivia appreciated her instructors and classmates throughout her program. There were friends she made during her time at BU that she would look forward to seeing during the live sessions, and she formed great relationships with instructors along the way. “My instructors were amazing; I loved all of them,” Olivia notes that all of her instructors were helpful and available, always willing to take time to help with questions, providing Zoom office hours and phone numbers to text questions to. 

To Olivia, her experience at Bryan far exceeded her expectations. She felt that a traditional on-campus college experience wouldn’t be possible for her, but her classes, the people she met, and the opportunities she was given were tremendous.  

And what does Olivia have to say to someone interested in attending BU, “Be ready and willing to do the work and study to succeed; there are a lot of resources to help you. And everyone is willing to answer your questions; it’s a very supportive community.”

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