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Meet Nadya Sanchez — BU Associate Degree in Applied Exercise and Fitness Graduate

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Meet Nadya Sanchez, a graduate of Bryan University’s Associate Degree in Applied Exercise and Fitness. Nadya decided to further her education after 10 years as a stay-at-home mom. Before she even completed her degree at BU, Nadya secured a job using her new skills.  

“What I did with Bryan University, it really was individualized. It was, reach out to me, here’s my phone number, here’s my email, use Canvas. It felt like they were dedicating time and attention to just me if I didn’t understand anything.” 

Reaching out to start her education journey at BU was a breeze for Nadya.

“I loved the process. It was a quick online inquiry where I showed I was interested, gave my email, and before the day was over, I was in touch with someone and got the ball rolling on my education,” she said. “The process was really seamless. There was no question about what’s next, what do I do.” 

Nadya said what stood out to her the most about BU’s degree was the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) certification. BU’s Associate Degree in Applied Exercise and Fitness prepares you to take the NASM exam and includes the cost in tuition.  

“I liked the NASM credentials, that it’s recognized across the industry and the fact that there was nutrition included with that. It was like a two-fold, like a dual program.” 

While Nadya completed her degree with BU, her husband also took an online course. She said when they compared their courses, she noticed a huge difference.

“Mine is completely thorough, there’s interactions with the instructors and they are making sure if we have questions, concerns, or can’t access coursework to let them know,” she said. “With his program, it’s ‘get it done and your instructor will grade it’. There’s no interaction.”  

Nadya said her favorite part about learning online was the individual attention from her instructors and the interaction with other classmates. 

“I have a few classmates that turned into friends that I connect and chat with,” she said. “I loved it.” 

Her biggest challenge was getting out of her own way and her advice for others is to turn to BU and all the resources available for students. 

“If you are struggling, behind, or overwhelmed, please contact your team. Your Success Coach, your instructors, IT; they are fantastic at accommodating, pointing you in the right direction, and making sure you’re in contact with who you need to be in contact with. If there’s an assignment where you’re hitting close to the deadline, they will accommodate. It’s not like this island of, ‘oh, I gotta figure it out,’ or ‘I gotta quickly submit something even though I don’t feel like it’s 100%’ — just reach out. Your team is setting you up for success.” 

Before finishing her degree, Nadya secured a job at a gym as a Fitness Instructor where she used all the skills she learned at BU, like the five phases of the NASM training model. Currently, she works independently training clients in-person and online.

“I find myself referencing what I learned through NASM. I know exactly where my clients are at,” she said  

Now that she’s graduated, Nadya said she wouldn’t change a thing about her BU experience and her advice to anyone considering an education with BU is to just reach out. 

“In all areas, they’ve excelled,” she said. “If there’s a second thought or you’re not 100% sure, just reach out anyway. Whatever questions or doubts you may have, they will be able to clear it up and answer it.” 

Are you ready to get started? Reach out and learn more about Bryan University’s Associate Degree in Applied Exercise and Fitness today! 

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