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Meet Marjorie Rosen, Healthcare Program Director

Meet Healthcare Program Director Marjorie Rosen as she breaks down medical billing and coding.

Marjorie Rosen, healthcare program director at Bryan University, has a passion for healthcare. You can see it as her face beams up when we sit down to talk about the subject. You can hear it in her voice as she speaks about all the different career paths and avenues people can take on their journeys through the healthcare possession.

Bryan Universities’ healthcare program director first got interested in healthcare when she saw how her grandma was treated when she received home health. She thought she could do it better. And boy was she right.

“I was fed up with the workers calling off and leaving her stranded without food or help and I called the owner of the company and was very upset with their performance and told them I could do a better job running their staff than they could.” She says, emphatically. “So, after talking to him about what he needs to change, I was hired on the spot and I worked for him and helped fix the employee shortage and other company objectives.” And just like that, a spark ignited a fire inside her fueling her passion for healthcare.

Healthcare Program Director Marjorie Rosen

Marjorie loves a whole lot of things about healthcare as a career, but what does she love most? The healthcare program director said she absolutely loves the idea no matter what your personality is you can find a home in Healthcare Information Management (HIM). Her voice is firm, “There is so much “business” in healthcare but most of the population only thinks about patient healthcare.” She says. “We do everything else.”

By “everything else”, she clarified that while physicians, practitioners, and clinicians “fix” a person’s physical ailments, healthcare information management workers forecast what their treatment of the disease will look like. “We know the cost associated with it. We know how many times you really should see a doctor.” She exclaims. “We safeguard your information without the consumer ever knowing.” Like soldiers fighting for the doctors and the patients, health information technology professionals battle the bureaucracy without praise to keep the whole healthcare machine running. They are the widgets you never see inside your watch that make everything run on time and are a critical part of every medical facility.

Marjorie Rosen with healthcare faculty

We spoke more about the impact healthcare made on her. She listed empathy, working independently while still being a team player and persistence as the three major factors that have changed her life. “I know that I can do anything I set my mind to. I think that accomplishing goals helps to build confidence and this industry gives you lots of practice in meeting goals.” Marjorie is very matter of fact on her answer. “One funny thing I see myself doing is silently thinking about what a person’s chart would look like based of things they tell me.”  

Marjorie used an example about a potential patient who might have played a sport like Baseball. By thoroughly examining and asking the write questions, she then can ask important questions about past injuries and ailments. The healthcare program director indicated that if someone talks about an old injury, she can cross-reference the chart to see the patient’s past medical history, and what the treatment associated with it was. She said this type of second nature evaluation has impacted her because now she tries to see the big picture in every situation she encounters.

Having the ability to see the big picture helps her as Bryan University’s Healthcare Program Director. Marjorie loved the vision Bryan has and I truly believe she aligns with it. “I evaluated the mission and found many similarities with things I have done in the past.” She says. “With the vision and I felt like I could call this place home. So, I moved across the country to be here.” When she says, “across the country”, Marjorie isn’t kidding. She moved from Pennsylvania to Arizona to continue to fuel her fire and brought her passion to the desert.

Marjorie Rosen is a textbook example of what it means to be a part of Bryan University. Her face lit up and she got super excited when I asked her about what Bryan University philosophies appealed to her. “I really like the idea of having a whole company understand mindset and iceberg principles.” She was giddy now. “I learned those so many years back and have now intrinsically use them in my everyday life that to have an educational institute that has that ideas as a focus was music to my ears.”


What sweet music it is too! I had to ask her thoughts about Bryan University’s mission statement “We believe in challenging the boundaries of traditional education and in liberating the innate greatness in people” and ask her how that mission statement impacts her role as Healthcare Program Director.

Once again, I could see the glow in her eyes as she talked about how her and her team live these principles every single day “We develop students beyond the classroom.” She said. “We teach them skills that are trans-educational.”

I wanted to know more. “Trans-educational?” I asked in anticipation of an explanation; she delivered without missing a beat. “Meaning that it does not matter what degree you work towards, we are working with the student to develop the flame of passion inside them.” She said. “That no matter what barrier steps in front of them, they feel empowered and supported enough to know it can be overcome.”

Overcoming boundaries, breaking barriers and empowering students for success? With Marjorie Rosen and her passion at the helm, It appears the Bryan University Healthcare program is in great hands.

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