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Medical billing and coding career paths can range from working in a medical clinic coding medical cases to billing for a hospital. Many people who work in these career fields need to know many types of medical terminology and how to organize what they are working on. 

Medical billers and coders serve as a vital connecting line between patients, health care providers, and insurance providers. If in need of a career that can be started without a degree, the fast-paced, in-demand career of a medical biller and coder might seem very attractive. And for good reason!

Pursuing a certification in medical billing and coding can set you up to begin working in just under a year. With more experience and more certifications, you have yourself within touching distance of further career advancements, even up to certain administrative and management positions.

Medical Billing Professional

Medical Billers and Coders – What and How?

Medical billers and coders transcribe patient diagnoses and treatments using codes into a “language” understood by both insurance companies and health care providers. A medical billing and coding specialist reads patient charts and medical history and converts this into a mutually understandable code with which insurance providers will be billed. These specialists are also tasked with managing patient data and keeping them secure.

The International Classification of Diseases most current coding database is the ICD-10. A certification of knowledge of ICD-10 gives a medical biller and coder an ability to be more specific in their disease documentation. As a medical biller and coder, you would require a clear knowledge of ICD-10, as well as in-depth knowledge of the health insurance processes and terminologies. Certification must be obtained from reputable and accredited programs.

Alongside your coding certificate, other important certifications for entry-level medical billers and coders are the CCA (by AHIMA) and CPC (by AAPC) certifications. Although this is enough to get you started, you can go ahead to obtain further degrees and credentials to aid your career advancement goals.

Medical Billers and Coders – Career

A career as a medical billing and coding specialist requires maximum concentration and focus. Your duties will essentially involve reading patient charts, accurately deciphering the diagnoses and treatments, and correctly selecting the right codes with which insurance companies will be billed.

A very versatile career, you could work in a hospital, nursing care facility, health care or physician offices, or a home health care service provider. Medical billers and coders may also find themselves within the health insurance sector. Indeed, the many different options available to medical billers and coders make it an attractive proposition to many.

In recent times, medical billers and coders have begun to take up specialist roles, catering specifically to cancer registries. Cancer registrars review patient records, as well as pathology reports, ascertain cancer diagnoses and treatments, assign accurate codes, and conduct follow-ups and analysis. It is expected that more specialist roles (catering to specific illnesses) will arise in the future.

Medical billing front desk worker

If you would prefer to be your own boss, a career as a medical biller and coder also avails you this opportunity. In this case, a medical facility would provide you with patient charts and necessary information, while you would remotely code these records and bill the involved insurance companies.

No matter what medical billing and coding career path you choose, Bryan University has a degree program that can help you achieve greatness. Contact an admissions representative today to find out more information on our educational options for medical billing and coding career paths.

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