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Meet Jennifer Germain – Bryan U Medical Billing and Coding Graduate

Jennifer Germain, Bryan U Graduate

Jennifer Germain became interested in medical billing just before the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. She had seen several commercials for medical billing programs and jobs and became interested in the field. It sounded interesting to her and would be a good challenge. When she and her family moved from Chicago to Ottawa, Illinois, she decided to take the chance to go back to school and began researching different programs. After speaking with a BU advisor, Jennifer was left with such a good feeling and enrolled in the medical billing and coding program. Her advisor explained how everything worked, “He spoke to me, one-on-one, like I was a person; he wasn’t trying to pressure me.”  

When Jennifer met with her BU advisor, she felt he cared about her future. She liked that he asked about her future plans and where she wanted to go with her degree. “Having the conversation before enrolling reassured me that everyone at BU is behind you, wanting you to reach your goals.”  Jennifer felt that everyone she encountered at BU was phenomenal and ready to help. She also felt that because going back to school was such a big step for her, the staff at BU put her mind at ease, allowing her to focus on getting into her coursework.

Jennifer had expected her program to be complex and confusing but explained that the way the courses work and how the classes get broken down and built upon each other, she felt it was an excellent way to return to school and learn a new career. Jennifer admits to feeling a bit nervous initially but credits her support system at home and her success coach for helping her along the way. For Jennifer, an online program was perfect. It allowed her to be available for her family and complete her degree. She liked that there wasn’t the added stress of commuting to campus; the online program allowed her to complete her program and still be flexible with her time. And while she knows that she was good with time management before starting at BU, Jennifer is pleased with how much she has accomplished while earning her degree.

Jennifer felt her instructors were highly knowledgeable in their subject areas and very caring and flexible. She appreciated how easy it was to communicate with her instructors and their availability for questions and extra help.

Currently, Jennifer is completing her associate’s degree in health information management at Bryan. She feels prepared to enter the workforce and is looking forward to beginning her career. “Completing my degree at Bryan showed me that I can do anything I put my mind to; it was so special for me to show my daughter that hey, it doesn’t matter how old you are, you can do anything as long as you try.”

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