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Should You Pursue Your Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting Online?

Your knack for accounting makes you a natural for this career path. You haven’t debated what your college major should be but rather, how you’ll pursue your college education. Is it worthwhile to enroll in online classes for an accounting bachelor’s degree or attend a traditional college?

Pursuing an accounting bachelor’s degree online is a very worthwhile venture. You’ll still get the same caliber of education as you would in a traditional school but without the commute, residential living fees, in-person classes, and inflexible class schedule.

In today’s article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about obtaining an accounting degree online, from the benefits to the timeframe. By the time you’re done reading, you can map out how you’ll earn your bachelor’s degree in accounting!

Can You Get an Accounting Degree Online?

The Internet continues to make our lives easier, and that’s true about your college education options too.

Several years ago, students’ only option was to attend a traditional, in-person university. Today, you have your pick between that and an online accounting degree.

Both will help you obtain your bachelor’s degree, so it’s up to you which you find the most compatible with your lifestyle.

Are Online Accounting Degrees Worth It?

You’re interested in an online accounting degree, but you’re ultimately undecided. Is it worth it to pursue a bachelor’s degree in accounting online?

Indeed, it is, for the following reasons.

The Same Education, But in a Format That Works for You

Some people believe that attending college online is somehow a lesser version of the education you’d obtain at a traditional college or university.

That’s simply not true. If you select an accredited online school, then you can ensure your education will be of the same quality and caliber as that taught in any traditional classroom.

Your accounting program will cover topics such as international business, business economics, communications, strategic management, finance and operations management, business information systems, and auditing.

You will also learn about taxes (including business taxes), managerial and cost accounting, intermediate accounting, and advanced accounting.

You’ll feel readier than ever to work as an accountant once you graduate with your bachelor’s degree.

Flexible Schedule

When you choose an online college for your accounting bachelor’s degree, you’ll have a flexible schedule.

You’ll still be expected to complete your coursework, but on a schedule that suits your lifestyle.

You can also choose to work in an environment that helps you concentrate and do your best work. You won’t be stuck in a classroom with a ticking clock, toe-tapping classmates, and other distracting sounds.

You can work in the quiet refuge of your bedroom, outdoors in a park, or even at a café if you prefer. It’s all up to you!

Accelerated Programs Lead to Faster Graduation Rates

Although it depends on the online college you choose, some online universities, such as Bryan University, offer students accelerated programs that allow them to learn the same material as in a traditional college but graduate faster.

You could begin working as an accountant much sooner!

Saves Money on Your Education

When you remove the residential campus living fees, the commute to and from school, the campus food fees, not to mention all the school equipment you won’t need to buy like backpacks, an accounting degree online is a very cost-effective option.

Your online college could even offer services like tuition lock so it won’t increase year after year.

How Long Does It Take to Get an Accounting Degree?

If you do decide to pursue a degree in accounting, how long would it take you to get it?

Assuming you attend a traditional college, it would take you about four years to earn a bachelor’s degree in accounting.

You’ll recall from earlier that if you attend an online college, you might be able to graduate from the accounting program even sooner so you could be on your way to a rewarding new career!

What Is the Best Degree to Get for Accounting?

Between an associate’s and bachelor’s degree, which is the best for your future as an accountant?

We would recommend a bachelor’s degree for these reasons.

You’ll Have More Accounting Knowledge

The longer you spend in academia, the more educated in accounting you’ll become. If you hold a bachelor’s degree, you’ll be more prepared for the rigors of working as an accountant.

Makes Your More Qualified for Accounting Jobs

Holding a bachelor’s degree is perceived better by hiring managers. You’ll have more job opportunities open up to you due to your level of educational experience.

You’ll also feel more qualified for these jobs. That natural confidence you feel will come through in job interviews. 

You Could Earn More Money

The better the job opportunities, the more money that usually comes with the job.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, accountants with a bachelor’s degree generally make $37.14 an hour, which is $77,250 a year.

Depending on where in the country you call home, your wages could be even higher still! 

Ready to Earn Your Accounting Degree Online? Enroll Today

If you’re looking for an online college to obtain your accounting bachelor’s degree online, Bryan University could be just the school for you.

Our Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a Concentration in Accounting program will get you job-ready to be hired upon graduation. You’ll be able to use the skills you acquired during your time in academia to be a successful accountant.

As a Bryan U student, you’ll receive preparation to test for the Accounting Analysis Certification as offered by the National Association of Certified Public Bookkeepers or NACPB.

We’ll pay for the first exam attempt so you can add this certification to your resume.

Your next job could be for a retailer, service industry, nonprofit, SMB, production and manufacturing facility, finance and insurance firm, government agency, or a business consulting group. You could even be a self-employed accountant.

Our students go on to work in such esteemed roles as tax preparers, payroll clerks, bookkeepers, billing clerks, accounting assistants, accounts receivable clerks, certified accounting analysts, audit staff accountants, and financial managers.

Bryan University focuses on a mastery-based instructional curriculum with simulated work environment sessions to better prepare you for post-grad working life. Your books and courseware are also included in the cost of your tuition!

Learn more about Bryan University’s Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a Concentration in Accounting today.

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