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Meet Gayane Tohikian: Bryan U Graduate in the Legal Field and Future Attorney

Gayane Tohikian has always been interested in the field of law. After taking a business law class while she was attending college, she knew she wanted a career in law, specifically as an Attorney. She felt the right path for her would be to participate in a court reporting or paralegal program to begin her journey to law school.

Originally starting in a court reporting program, Gayane was later faced with a health issue that made continuing that program difficult. However, because of her passion for the legal field and with the encouragement from the Dean, she decided to move into the Paralegal Studies Bachelor’s Degree program at Bryan U. Gayane finished within four years and made the President’s list, never missing a day of class.

Gayane’s experience with her professors was terrific – she always felt that her professors were there to help, and found the feedback from professors to be extremely helpful when completing assignments. As a self-proclaimed night owl, she recalls a time when she went into a late-night online study session and to her surprise, encountered her professor in the session offering help. She states: “No school compares to Bryan University – everybody is out to see you succeed.”

Gayane made the most of her experience at Bryan, even becoming the president of the Bryan University Paralegal Student Association. As President, she was instrumental in creating the organization’s by-laws, facilitating monthly online meetings, and organizing a trip to Washington D.C. where students were able to meet each other face-to-face.

Now a law student at Abraham Lincoln University in Glendale, California, Gayane credits her time at Bryan University for giving her the confidence to pursue her law degree and attending an online law school. When Gayane’s law school heard about her experience starting the Student Paralegal Association at BU, they approached her about starting a similar organization there. She states: “So many doors and opportunities have opened up for me because of Bryan University.”

Utilizing the different technologies, learning environments, and programs that Bryan students encounter has helped her to pick up the various technologies that she uses at her law school. The knowledge she has gained regarding the law has helped her feel well prepared in her new classes. Thinking about attending Bryan, Gayane says, “Do it, 100% do it!”

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