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Bryan University Named Member of Achieve60AZ

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We are pleased to announce that Bryan University recently became an alliance member of Achieve60AZ, which is an “independent, nonprofit community-based effort to make Arizona competitive through the power of education.” Bryan University joins over 150 community organizations, businesses, education providers, and 40 local governments.

In order to elevate the number of adults earning credentials or degrees past high school, the state of Arizona set a goal to achieve a postsecondary credential attainment rate of 60% of adults aged 25-64 by the year 2030.  This statewide initiative guarantees a brighter future for Arizona by attracting more businesses to the state, increasing the tax base, and decreasing poverty levels. Achieve60AZ is working to meet this goal by initiating an alliance base of community organizations, businesses, education providers, philanthropic organizations, and local governments throughout the state. Through the alliance, members will emphasize high school graduation and provide pathway options to postsecondary access and attainment. The alliance will also work to develop the workforce in the state and support thoughtful partnerships. Lastly, the group plans to increase public awareness of education options beyond high school.

Eric Evans, Bryan University President, states: “Bryan University is proud to play a role in helping the state reach the goal of 60% postsecondary credential attainment by 2030. Bryan is a natural fit to help lead the charge in this area because at the heart of our mission is to provide an inclusive educational experience to all of our students while preparing them with the right skills to be job-ready.”

The mission at Bryan University is to challenge the boundaries of traditional education and liberate the innate greatness in people. BU is revolutionizing the way students learn online through research-based strategies, innovation, and strategic partnerships. Bryan U’s commitment to advancing online education increases access to postsecondary credentials to students from varying walks of life. As a member of the Alliance, Bryan University can bring this mission to help advance Achieve60AZ’s goals.

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