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Meet Angela Henning – Bryan U Associate Degree in Applied Exercise and Fitness Graduate

Meet Bryan University graduate Angela Beth Henning. Angela recently finished her Personal Trainer Undergraduate Certification and Associate Degree in Applied Exercise and Fitness. Angela, a medical assistant who always loved the medical field and was nearly through her surgery training school when a medical diagnosis changed her life, decided to change the direction of her career.

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After being diagnosed with degenerative disc disease, Angela could not pick up and hold her eight-month-old baby; she couldn’t walk far and was on pain medication daily. With her pain so bad and inability to carry her baby, Angela needed a plan to heal. Her doctor said she would benefit from building her core strength to support her back. Angela began exercising, and within four months, she was off pain medicine. She started enjoying the everyday activities she had in the past, such as dancing and hiking – and holding her little one was no longer an issue.

At first, Angela was hesitant about exercising and didn’t love it. But as she became more consistent with exercise and the changes it could make to your health, she knew it would be her love next to the medical field. “I began to fall in love with exercise and what it could do for the body.”  At this point, she began to research how she combined her love for exercise and helping others into a new career path. That is when Angela decided to look into personal training and found Bryan University.

“I ultimately made the decision to attend Bryan because they had the certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), and though I was looking at several schools, it was clear Bryan’s certification through NASM was fundamental.”

Once Angela decided to join BU, she found the entire process a great experience. “I am continually surprised by how personable and accommodating everyone at BU is. They do their best to help you out.” Angela enjoyed all her modules and felt that her instructors were more concerned with their student’s ability to learn the material than with passing a test. “I felt that being able to resubmit work when I didn’t do as well helped me to refer back and retain and understand the material.” And while Angela admitted to being a little nervous about an online college experience, she found the entire BU experience very pleasant.

Angela is finishing her Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science, Fitness, and Nutrition Management at BU; she is considering where her future career will take her. “I would like to combine my love for the medical field and my training in health and fitness in my career and either work in my local schools as a strength and conditioning coach or go into the corporate wellness field.”

To Angela, her experience at BU has far exceeded her expectations, and her advice for those interested in continuing their education at BU – “Do it right now! It’s totally worth it!”

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