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September is Global Company Culture Month!

Global Company Culture Month is a month for companies all over to tune into their own company’s culture. Now is the time to celebrate the good and focus on areas to improve. 

History of Global Company Culture Month 

Throughout the month, companies focus on what they’re doing right, recommend resources to improve their company’s culture, and allow open communication throughout the organization to gather feedback on what employees are feeling. 

In 2019, the Global Company Culture Association founded this since they believed we companies deserved an entire month of focus to create a working model where employees can thrive. Many companies choose to bring in speakers, plan outings, and more.

Company Culture at Bryan University 

Our mission, vision, and core values define the company culture at Bryan University. These core values are an integral part of how our employees carry out their duties. Here are the five core values at Bryan University.

Deliver Delight Every Time

We keep learner success at the center of every interaction to provide exceptional service and a delightful student experience.

Trust and Be Trusted

We act with integrity, empathy, and transparency while assuming positive intent in each other’s communications and decisions.

Own It

We take ownership of our responsibilities and actions to students, staff, and faculty.

Win Together 

We navigate challenges and celebrate successes together as a diverse, educational community.

Continuously Improve

As lifelong learners, we intentionally find opportunities to grow and evolve as individuals and as an institution.

At Bryan U, we’re always on the lookout for ways we can improve our culture and celebrate our people. We’re also committed to hiring the best employees who fit our core values and culture. If you know someone who might be a good fit, feel free to share the career opportunities at Bryan University today! 

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