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Employee Spotlight: Valerie Akbulut, Bryan U Faculty Success and Development Coordinator

Valerie Akbulut
Valerie Akbulut

This month’s Bryan University employee spotlight is Valerie Akbulut. Valerie is the Faculty Success and Development Coordinator at Bryan University. Valerie started at BU in 2019 as a general education adjunct, teaching courses in Interpersonal Communication, Critical Thinking, Speaking and Presenting, and Communication Ethics. Valerie currently serves as the faculty success and development coordinator, which she loves.

Valerie began working at BU because she loves to teach and is a people person. She enjoys being a part of someone’s journey and feels excited witnessing when it all clicks for her students. As a mother, her flexibility to work at home is tremendous. “BU was a perfect fit because I believe in their mission statement.”

In her current position as Faculty Success and Development Coordinator, Valerie values that she can be creative in helping BU faculty succeed. And while, like most jobs, there can be routine functions, Valerie values the opportunities to think outside the box and try new things. Valerie aligns most with the BU Core Value “Deliver Delight Every Time” she says, “I am constantly thinking about ways to help our faculty thrive in their roles as instructors.” For Valerie, it is so important that every interaction she has remains a delightful experience.

The best advice given to Valerie was from a good friend who said to make sure when you are saying “yes” to something, you are not saying “no” to yourself. “If you don’t protect your energy, it negatively impacts your health, relationships, confidence, and more. It’s okay to make yourself a priority. And it’s also okay to say “no” to things.”

Valerie loves that she is excited to work when she wakes up. She has a lot of respect for her colleagues and feels valued by the BU community. A growth mindset is an integral part of the BU culture, and Valerie acknowledges that BU doesn’t just talk the talk. “I am inspired every day to think of ways I can grow and how I can help others grow as well.”

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