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Interested in Kinesiology? A Degree in Exercise Science may be for you!

Kinesiology studies the movement of the human body from neuropsychological, biomechanical, anatomical, and psychological principles. This falls under a larger branch of exercise science, which teaches aspects such as kinesiology, but also anatomy, physiology, nutrition, exercise, and more! You want to study kinesiology but are unsure where to start. We encourage you to pursue a degree in exercise science that will provide you with a well-rounded knowledge base and skill set to launch you into a career in fitness, exercise, and nutrition.

Here are tips on what to look for in an exercise science program:

  • Focus on programs that teach foundational skills
  • Look for certification opportunities
  • Choose a school that makes learning affordable
  • Embrace a school’s community element
  • Find a school with post-grad job assistance 

In today’s post, we’ll walk you through what you can do with an exercise science degree as well as how to choose the right online school!

What Can I Do with an Exercise Science Degree?

Are you thinking of studying exercise science? If so, you may wonder what career paths are available to you.

Once you obtain a bachelor’s degree in exercise science, you can choose a career path from a wide variety of exciting directions.

You could be self-employed, work at a rehabilitation center, high school, corporate fitness center, commercial fitness facility, or gym.

Here are some career paths you could pursue with your degree.

Exercise Director or Club Manager

At a commercial fitness center, you can rise to a managerial role such as an exercise director or a club manager. These roles come with greater responsibility and the possibility of a higher wage!

Gym or Fitness Studio Owner

You also can advance your career in fitness and health by owning a gym or fitness studio of your very own.

As you study at an accredited university and work your way towards your degree online, you’ll learn the basics of business that will teach you how to successfully manage a fitness studio.  

Exercise Instructor

Being an exercise instructor is also a path you could choose. You’d train a group of people in a certain fitness concentration such as Pilates, yoga, Zumba, barre, or tai chi.

You will monitor the success of the clients in your class, teach them the proper form, and motivate them to do their best.

Nutrition Coach

Wellness is as much about one’s diet as it is about exercise. With an exercise science degree, you can work as a nutrition coach.

A nutrition coach helps clients navigate healthy eating according to their exercise levels, age, health, culture, and food preferences.

Sports Performance Coach

Lead teams to victory as a sports performance coach! Your job would have you coaching individual athletes or whole teams of young students.

You’ll teach them how to become and stay motivated, how to communicate with others on the team, how to plan, and how to set goals.

How to Choose an Online Exercise Science Program

After understanding the opportunities that come with an exercise science degree, it’s time to begin researching programs and universities.

Focus on Programs That Teach Foundational Skills

With any career path, it’s important to select a university that will forge the foundation of your knowledge.

For example, you’ll need to learn business skills that can help you start your own business. You’ll understand leadership principles, management, marketing, and entrepreneurism.

The right program will teach you corrective exercise strategies and the importance of rest and recovery. You’ll learn how to navigate creating exercise programs for special populations such as those with heart disease, pregnant women, and seniors.

You’ll understand what it takes to motivate people to be consistent. Your coursework will cover advanced physiology, exercise psychology, and anatomy concepts too.

Look for Certification Opportunities

If you want to take your career to the next level, becoming certified is certainly the way to do it.

Some online universities with fitness programs, such as Bryan University, offer students the opportunity to take certification exams such as the Certified Nutrition Coach certification, which is issued by the National Academy of Sports Medicine, or NASM. At BU, the cost of the first attempt at the certification exam is included in your tuition!

Having a certification right out of the gate makes you very desirable to hiring managers. You’ll prove upon graduation that you’re a qualified job candidate, so you could get hired sooner!

If you plan to start your own business, being certified adds another layer of trust from your clients, as well as showing your expertise.

Choose a School That Makes Learning Affordable

Attending college is one of the biggest financial decisions a person will ever make.

You should choose a school that strives to make the educational experience more affordable.

Paying for your first attempt at a certifying fitness exam is certainly one such example of that. Another example is the cost of courseware and books. At BU, this is also included in your tuition.

When you don’t have to stress about how you’ll pay for college, you can focus more on making the most of your educational experience.

Embrace a School’s Community Element

It is important to find universities with fitness programs that strive to bring the student body and school community together in innovative ways.

You’ll receive performance reports, so you always know how well you’re doing in school. Online programs may offer collaborative learning models that allow you to work with your peers over a mobile-friendly video app.

You can also go live on a webcam to have meetings or consultations with instructors or listen in as experts share their knowledge. At BU, your headset and webcam are provided to you free of charge to enhance your educational experience too.

Find a university where you’re being supported every step of the way!

Find a School with Post-grad Job Assistance

After you graduate, you may need some help beginning your career. You should prioritize a university that offers post-grad job assistance through career services.

You can spruce up your resume, learn to write an attention-grabbing cover letter, and even network and possibly find job leads.

Are Exercise Science Degrees Worth It?

If you’ve always had an interest and passion in how the body moves and how body movement can fuel health and wellness, then it’s worthwhile to pursue an exercise science degree.

During your program, you’ll be equipped with the tools to begin your career and make a positive difference in someone’s life. Whether you’re self-employed or hired by a gym or fitness facility, you’re helping people navigate health and fitness.

Many people want a job where what they’re doing feels like it matters. With your degree, you can rest assured that your job makes a difference.

Plus, with certification opportunities available, you can continue climbing up the career ladder in your rewarding and fulfilling career path!

Where Should I Study Exercise Science?

If you’re looking for a stellar exercise science program, choose Bryan University.

As a student of the Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science, Fitness, and Nutrition Management program, you’ll learn the above educational pillars so you’re ready to take on an exciting role as a fitness professional.

The accelerated program allows you to get on the road to your new career at a quicker pace!

You’ll recall that your education includes CNC preparation, and you can even sit in on the Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist or CSCS certification through the National Strength and Conditioning Association or NSCA.

Upon graduating from the Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science, Fitness, and Nutrition Management program, you can use Bryan U’s Career Services team and come back to audit any courses for free so you can brush up on your knowledge.

Begin your education at Bryan U today!

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