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Bryan U Employee Spotlight: Amanda Henderson; Librarian

photo of BU employee Amanda Henderson

This month’s employee spotlight is Amanda Henderson. Amanda has been a librarian at Bryan University for almost one year. Amanda has always loved being a librarian, and when the position opened up at BU, she did not hesitate to apply.

Once Amanda learned more about BU and the interview process began, she knew she wanted to join this team. “The ‘Students Come First’ mindset is not just something people say. Everyone lives it at BU.”

One of the things Amanda loves most about her work is the opportunity to help guide students through their research. While Google is an option for research, Amanda enjoys assisting students to understand it isn’t their only option and that there are many fantastic resources at their fingertips. Another aspect of her job that she loves is creating various instructional materials to help support students. “I enjoy creating tutorials, research guides, and other library materials to provide information literacy tips and support to students in various formats.”

For Amanda, BU is unique because of the camaraderie, culture, and values the BU community exhibits. “BU stands out in my library career as a university that makes everyone feel like family.” Amanda points out that even though it is a remote environment, there are always reminders that employees are valued and appreciated.

Working at BU has inspired Amanda to celebrate the small wins and to realize that even connecting with just one student can make a difference. After giving a library orientation, a new student asked to remain after the presentation for a few minutes; she wanted to let Amanda know how happy she was to have been able to attend her webinar. She explained that she had been nervous to return to college and make a career change, but after connecting with faculty, staff, and other students at BU, she felt much more confident. She wanted to mention her appreciation to Amanda for all the support. That feedback made Amanda feel even more excited to have joined the team at BU.

“Being part of a fantastic team always willing to support each other is the icing on the cake with a cherry on top.”

The Bryan University Employee Spotlight is an initiative that recognizes employees monthly. All employees of Bryan University are eligible. Learn more about Careers at Bryan University.

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