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Setting You Up for Success: Diving Into Career Services, Part Two!

Bryan University aims to “liberate the innate greatness in people.” This mission and BU’s core values create a framework for our students to receive the highest quality of education, which begins as soon as a student enrolls. 

In our last article, we reviewed the Career Services department as a whole. In this article, we will take a deeper look at the benefits offered through the department. Providing students with a well-rounded career development curriculum is no small task. 

At BU, Career Services’ multi-pronged approach to career development provides students with many different opportunities to grow as professionals while completing their academic goals. 

Empowering Workshops and Seminars

One such way is through virtual programming, pre-recorded video tutorials, and seminars. The BU Career Services webpage links video tutorials covering career-centric and professional development topics. These videos are on-demand and available to BU students when they can view them. 

In addition to pre-recorded content, the career services team also offers virtual seminars and workshops. One of the most popular virtual programs is the Entrepreneurship Program. This program runs for several weeks and covers topics surrounding starting a business and all it entails. 

“I really enjoyed participating in the entrepreneurship program. There were different speakers each week on different topics related to starting your own business. If Career Services puts out a seminar or a program, then I make sure I can fit it into my schedule.” – Juanita Hogan, Health Management Technology Graduate.

Personalized Guidance

Another opportunity that BU students can take advantage of is professional coaching for career development. This includes reviewing career maps for the student’s program. These career maps look at a specific career’s job outlook, education or certifications needed, possible job responsibilities and job titles, and salary research. 

Career Services also works one-on-one with students to create career-specific resumes and help identify ways to conduct a job search. While the Career Services department is not a placement agency, it does help students identify ways to perform their job search. 

“Career services helped me with my resume, and they have given me so many tips for job searching, such as identifying potential positions in which I might be interested in applying.” – Olivia Wolfe, Associate Degree in Digital Marketing Graduate.

Virtual Bridges to Opportunities

Career Connections powered by College Central is a robust career platform all BU students can access. This platform houses resume & cover letter templates and job boards students can search through. They can also find internship opportunities, gain access to career maps, and download interview preparation checklists. 

Employers can also register to join Career Connections. This site is an excellent way for employers nationwide to post positions that may interest BU graduates. Once the employer registers on the site they can place open positions on the job board immediately providing BU students access to apply! 

Inclusive Support for Every Career Aspirant

At BU, our students are diverse and come to BU from many different walks of life. Because of this diverse student population, BU Career Services works hard to ensure career development opportunities for all students. 

BU Career Services works with the American Corporate Partners mentorship program, a free program for post-9/11 veterans, active duty spouses, and other eligible military spouses. This program is open enrollment throughout the year for any major and any step in your educational journey. This program allows Participants to access interview practice, networking opportunities, and internships. 

Another program that BU students can participate in is the Workforce Recruitment Program for College Students with Disabilities (WRP). This program is coordinated with the U.S. Department of Labor and the U.S. Department of Defense. It is a recruitment referral program that connects federal and private sector employers with highly motivated college and graduate students with disabilities who are eager to demonstrate their abilities in the workplace through summer or permanent positions. 

Empowering Your Success

The Career Services team strives to enhance the career development experience of all BU students to ensure that they meet employers’ workforce needs. Anything from drafting a cover letter to plotting out their career path is handled by the BU Career Services team with professionalism and finesse. BU graduates are ready for their careers with the knowledge of their chosen field and the professional skills they have gained from Career Services. 

“We help develop the students through their academic experience so that they are workforce-ready upon graduation.” Dr. Cecil Broadnax, Director, Workforce Dev. & Career Services

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