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Category: FAQ

human resources header photo
January 17, 2023 | #

Is an Associate’s Degree in Human Resources Management Worth It?

If you’re considering a career in Human Resources, hear from Dr. Jennifer Newmann, about why an Associate's Degree in Human Resources Management is worth it.
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Human Resource professionals
January 10, 2023 | #

HR Certifications: How to Choose the Best Ones

Wondering what certification you should choose in the Human Resources field? With ample options, it can be overwhelming, but we're here to help! Read about HR certification options today.
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Web development
January 5, 2023 | #

What Is UX/UI Design and Why Is It Important?

UX/UI design exists as separate elements but are often lumped together. This career is on the rise, but what exactly is UX/UI design and why is it so important?
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MBC Workstation
December 29, 2022 | #

How to Earn Your Medical Billing and Coding Certificate Online: Your Questions Answered!

Questions about earning your Medical Billing and Coding certificate online? Program Director, Marjorie Rosen has all the answers needed to succeed!
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Accounting Workspace
December 20, 2022 | #

Should You Pursue Your Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting Online?

If you're wondering if it's worth it to pursue your Bachelor's Degree in Accounting Online; the answer is yes! Learn from Dr. Jennifer Newmann all the tips and tricks you need to succeed.
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December 15, 2022 | #

All the Available Job Opportunities with an Associate’s Degree in Accounting

Yes, you can begin a career in accounting with an associate's degree! Want to learn more? Check out this article on all the available job opportunities with an associate's degree in accounting.
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