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Why Do We Celebrate National Higher Education Day?

Higher education is a growing field across the world. From trade schools, undergraduate certificates, associate degrees, bachelor’s degrees, postgraduate certificates, master’s degrees, doctoral degrees, and more, you could say it is an ever-growing field.

Today, we celebrate National Higher Education Day to bring awareness to post-secondary education offerings and the cost of furthering your education.

History of National Higher Education Day

Beginning in 2015, National Higher Education Day continues to be celebrated each year on June 6. Izamar Olaguez and Marcie Hronis have a few purposes behind celebrating this day. The first wanted to encourage students to pursue higher education, but they also wanted to showcase awareness for more affordable tuition and fee rates. 

National Higher Education Day stems from the Higher Education Act of 1965. This act aims to improve the offerings of higher education programs and offer financial assistance to the student body. This act was supported by federal and national governments and states wanting to improve their educational systems. To this day, there are more than 5,000 higher education institutions in the United States. 

How to Celebrate National Higher Education Day

Awareness of Higher Education

Head to your favorite social media platform and use the hashtag #NationalHigherEducationDay to post about your favorite higher education benefit, where you are going or attended school, or showcasing your most recent academic achievement or goals. 

Promoting Educational Counseling

Feeling stuck? National Higher Education Day is the perfect time to reach out to a professional about your future studies. Educational Counselors can provide you with the right guidance on creating an educational plan that fits your needs. They can even help pick college courses based on your interests and skills!

Join an Online Community

Have a specific niche? Find an online group to support your newfound adventure. Finding other students with similar interests as you can help build community and support. Share resources, find internships, and more with the help of future Facebook friends! 

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