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June marks Professional Wellness Month across the United States, emphasizing the importance of the workplace’s role in employee wellness. 

Today we’ll learn more about this history and hear from our own about what makes a great workplace. 

History of the Day

Professional Wellness Month was created in 2009 to engage and celebrate employee wellness throughout the United States. The majority of employees spend their lives in the office, whether in-person or from home, and it’s important to keep tabs on the well-being of employees.

Several studies show that when companies invest in the professional wellness of their employees, they often see increased productivity, higher engagement levels, and a more robust work culture.

Professional Wellness Months focuses on the correlation between professional wellness and a happy, stress-free individual.

Hear from Our Employees 

At Bryan University, we pride ourselves on creating a happy, healthy workplace. At BU, B.U.F.F., or Bryan University Fitness FunAddicts, began several years ago, and since then, many award-winning wellness initiatives have taken flight. 

We are consistently recognized with the Healthy Arizona Worksite Award, dating back to 2016. Though most of Bryan’s staff and faculty work from home, we have maintained ways to keep our team members engaged and active across the country. 

But don’t take our word for it. Hear from Victoria, Chrissy, and Jasmine what they love about BU.

Victoria Clark is the Education Executive Assistant at BU and has been here for eight years! 

When asked what she loves most about Bryan’s emphasis on employee wellness, she says “BU always finds a way to maintain a healthy lifestyle. From monthly challenges, weekly wellness walks, financial wellness support, and fun games that help take your mind off the day-to-day responsibilities even for just a few minutes.” 

Victoria also adds, “That is the great thing about being healthy – it is not defined by a scale and BU promotes that… Being healthy is your physical, mental, and financial health.”

Jasmin Ashikyan is a Bryan’s Admissions team member and has been with us for over a year and a half. We understand working remotely can come with challenges, and when asked about maintaining a balance Jasmine said, “B.U.F.F. helps me become aware of my steps and activity. A lot of our monthly challenges revolve around movement, so it keeps me active despite having a sedentary job.”

Jasmine adds, “My favorite part about working at BU is the environment. I have been very lucky to have a connected and charismatic team, as well as great leadership.”

In serving for over a decade, Chrissy has experienced much of what  BU has to offer, so we had to ask her how BU and B.U.F.F. helps her maintain a healthy lifestyle. She said, “I tend to work too much, especially with employees in all time zones. It can be easy to be “on” for very, very long days. I try to respond to people quickly, never miss a deadline, and excel in everything I do. Participating in BUFF, both as a committee member and as a participant, reminds me that I need to model what I teach others.” 

Chrissy adds, “It’s easier said than done, but for long-term health and well-being, a balance is needed. Some people need to push themselves a bit more; some people need to focus more on stress reduction and rest. BUFF is a great way to set goals to find that balance.”

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