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Does a Personal Training Certificate Make a Difference?

Final Fitness_Career Outlook_000007521045SmallThere is some debate as to whether personal trainers need to be certified. In most states there is no regulation requiring certification but more and more, clients are demanding a certified personal trainer. Gyms, training facilities and other employers are increasingly hiring only certified personal trainers.

What’s the advantage of going to school and becoming certified? The good news is, certification benefits both trainer and the client. Clients feel more confident in their programs and trainers can serve clients more efficiently and completely with the knowledge gained through school and certification.

Certification and school will cost money. But the payoff will be worth it. You will be able to specialize. In this highly competitive field, certification will make you stand out from other candidates. There is no downside to gaining a personal training certificate.

For the client, benefits are even clearer. Certified personal trainers are experts in the field of fitness. Knowledge of nutrition, exercise science and the technical aspects of fitness are the hallmark of certified trainers.

Certified trainers can create customized programs which take into account chronic health problems, injuries or training goals. A trainer can work with healthcare providers to make sure a workout is safe and effective. A certified trainer also knows about body type, lifestyle, goals, nutritional needs and deficiencies. They are also experts in workout safety. They are able to monitor vital signs and give feedback about limitations and breaking through plateaus.

Most importantly, certified personal trainers, like those certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) know how to prevent side effects that can result from incorrect training methods. Certified trainers know when to say “no” to too much training.

Great trainers assess clients, design programs that take into account individual needs, level of conditioning and health needs.

Certification takes time and effort but the end result is well worth it for the fitness enthusiast. Bryan University is especially proud of its Advanced Personal Training and Exercise Program which teaches not only fitness training but nutrition, healthy lifestyle and business methods. And the cost for certification through NASM is included in the program cost. Take the next step to a fitness career.

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