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Patrick Hanson is the Associate Director of Student and Alumni Outreach.

When inspiration hits us it can be in many forms; thought, visual, emotional and experiential. However inspiration comes to you, it won’t come to fruition without follow through. Inspiration is just thought. Follow through makes inspiration a reality.

Growing up in a family of golfers, everything had a reference to golf. If my Dad let me start something over, it was a “mulligan.” If I didn’t try hard enough, I was “sand bagging” it. If I tripped or ran into something, I “whiffed it.” When I sat down to think about my blog this week, I noticed how many things we start, but don’t have the chance to “get a hole-in-one.” Sorry, had to throw in one more!

Think about all the things you have started but have not completed. Take a moment and write them down. Now prioritize them. Which one has the most value to you? When you have passion for an idea, you drive harder. Take stock in the process of what it will take to complete this goal. Now erase the other ideas. Not that they don’t have value; but they are not the most important to you right now.

Now that your paper has one idea, one goal, one inspiration… It’s not so overwhelming.

Plan it out and make it happen. Use the tools you learn at Bryan University–Prepare, Collaborate, and Apply.

Prepare – Write everything down. Organize your thoughts. Do the research on what you need.

Collaborate – Meet with others about your ideas and get their feedback. Use their ideas, along with yours, to adapt your goal.

Apply – Follow through. Put all your work into action.

What do you have to lose?  If you don’t reach your goal, reevaluate and try again.  There is a saying I have adapted to my life.

“Failure is not a negative thing. Failure is your opportunity to start over with more knowledge.”

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