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Perfect Holiday-Attendance Students Raffle Winners Named

Bryan-University-Seal 1Students should always attend classes, but the Student and Alumni Outreach team at Bryan University knows how difficult it is to maintain perfect attendance particularly during the holiday season. In an effort to encourage attendance throughout the holiday squeeze, the outreach team established the annual Perfect Attendance Raffle, in which eligible students stand to win a share of $2,000 in prizes.

Students with perfect attendance during the weeks of Dec. 16, 2013, and Jan. 6, 2014, were automatically entered to win. From the pool of names, a lucky dozen students were named and awarded a variety of prizes including prepaid VISA credit cards, iPod nanos, and Chromecast streaming-media players.

The lucky winners for the 2014 Perfect Attendance Raffle are (drum roll, please): Mary Hartzog, Advanced Personal Training and Exercise Science; Cynthia Stratton, Health Information Technology; Debra Callahan, Advanced Personal Training and Exercise Science; Peter Kohler, Graduate Certificate in E-Discovery; James Bevins, Advanced Personal Training and Exercise Science; Jared Peck, Advanced Personal Training and Exercise Science; Brett Akiyama, Applied Health Informatics; Tavia Flateau, Litigation and E-Discovery Paralegal Studies;   Michelle Wagner, Court Reporting; Karen Perry, Court Reporting; Dana Rippey, Court Reporting; and Mitchell Hamilton, Advanced Personal Training and Exercise Science.


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