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August marks National Wellness Month across the United States, emphasizing the importance of living a well-rounded, balanced lifestyle. 

Today we’ll learn more about the day’s history and go over a list of five ways to live a well-rounded lifestyle. 

History of the Day

In 2018, the Live Love Spa company dedicated August as National Wellness Month to inspire others to level-up their self-care routine and discover new wellness products. 

Wellness methods began back in the 3rd century with Roman Baths. Since bathing was a source of health, luxury entertainment, and social gatherings, Roman Baths were considered the first form of a ‘wellness spa.’ Later on in the 5th century, Yoga was introduced. 

The term ‘health’ wasn’t truly defined until 1948, when the World Health Organization (WHO) defined it as a “state of physical, mental, and social well-being.” This created the modern day definition and understanding of health and wellness. 

Today, the concept of health and wellness encompasses a holistic view of well-being. Practices include physical exercise, healthy eating, mindfulness, managing stress, and more. All this points to the underlying idea of making a point to take care of yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally. 

Five Tips to Live a Well-Rounded Life

Manage Your Stress

Learning how to manage your stress can help create a better overall lifestyle. Getting enough sleep, finding a hobby, and connecting with others are all ways to help eliminate stress.

Try New Wellness Activities

Get a massage or visit a new spa! Try the new beauty product you’ve had your eye on or the new cycling class at your local gym. Incorporating healthy habits into your everyday life, like walking, drinking enough water, and physical activity, can improve your overall well-being. 

Share Wellness Ideas With Family and Friends

Share your wellness journey and habits with family, friends, and even on social media to inspire everyone in your life to implement healthy habits too.

Find a Physical Activity That’s Fun for You!

Take a walk, grab a bike, or maybe pick up a sport. Finding a movement you enjoy rather than partaking in an activity you dread can help you find enjoyment in exercising rather than it feeling like a chore. 

Take the Pledge!

To celebrate Wellness Month, take the ‘I choose wellness pledge’ to prioritize smaller daily self-care acts or join the 31-day wellness challenge

At Bryan University, we are here for you. 

At BU, students can connect on platforms like Yellowdig and Zoom to engage in course discussions and build relationships. Create friendships and bond over how you’ve instilled healthy habits into your life.

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