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Bryan University was established in 1940 for the sole purpose of providing students with the education and skills needed for job success. Seventy-seven years later, the degrees offered by the university have multiplied, but the mission remains the same. Degrees are hand-picked and designed exclusively around preparing graduates for the workforce.

When you invest in an education at Bryan University, you’re staking your claim on a successful future.

  • Graduate with a degree suited for the job market
  • Earn skills that match what employers need
  • Work with faculty who are industry experts
  • Develop a portfolio showcasing your talents, before you graduate
  • Build a network of colleagues throughout your program
  • Receive career-development services to “brand yourself” and stand out from the competition

The Bryan University Difference

  • Learn by Doing
    If you want to drive, you need to get behind the wheel. It’s the same with any other skill: you need to practice before you become proficient. Traditional schools place students in lectures, taking notes, and studying for exams. Bryan University breaks classroom tradition by offering hands-on experience through technologically enhanced labs that simulate what it’s like to perform on the job.
  • Practical, Hands-On Training from Experts
    Bryan University recruits professionals who are experts with real-world experience. They have the know-how and want to share it.  Industry experts and leaders help design the Bryan University coursework, customizing curriculum to mirror what employers need. Experienced professionals will be your teachers, guiding you to become the best you can be within your chosen industry.
  • Connect with Experienced, Caring Faculty
    Bryan University has the cutting-edge technology to provide you with both an online education and face-time with teachers and other students. Collaborative learning is one of the most effective methods for students to develop communication and problem-solving skills. It means you get instantaneous feedback from instructors and other students, which contributes to the most meaningful online education possible. You’ll build relationships that support your learning today, while networking for a job tomorrow.
  • Focus on Employment, Not Just a Degree
    You won’t find a multitude of degrees offered at Bryan University, because when it comes to education, quality is more important than quantity. We design curriculum to match specific professions. Bryan University is accredited, which requires institutions to meet and maintain  standards for faculty qualifications, student retention, and job placement.  In addition, the University partners with businesses across the country, maximizing resources for students in school as well as those seeking employment after graduation. Our Career Services Department is committed to helping students develop an effective job-search plan that covers all components of career-building, offering assistance for resume-writing, interviewing, networking, and more.
  • Return for Refresher Classes, and Stay Fine-Tuned
    All graduates are welcome to take advantage of tuition-free refresher courses even after graduation.





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