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Meet Vicki Butler – Bryan U Paralegal Graduate

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Vicki Butler successfully graduated from the online Paralegal Studies degree program at Bryan University. She found the flexible schedule, easy access to her instructors, and exciting subject matter made her experience at Bryan exceptional.

Vicki’s journey at Bryan University began because, as a newly divorced single mom, Vicki wanted to do something for herself. Her daughter had graduated from the Bryan U paralegal program and was on her way to law school when she encouraged Vicki to try Bryan. Vicki knew she was looking for a change and that going back to school would be just the thing.

When Vicki started at Bryan, she admits that she didn’t know a lot about computers, but she learned a lot through her classwork and working with BU staff. She felt her coursework helped her learn about all the different branches of law, and she was surprised by how much she could remember and retain throughout her program.

“Everybody was so nice. They made everything so easy and if I had a problem, I just had to contact someone at Bryan and they helped me.”

Vicki loved online learning at Bryan. She felt comfortable with the pace of the courses and that she was able to work on her own. Her instructors were only a phone call or text away if she needed help or clarification. Vicki preferred to work on her own instead of group work, so having that ability to get help when needed was beneficial to her.

She states: “I was able to work on my own whenever I wanted to. When you are on campus, you have to go to class at a certain time. But with online learning, I had the flexibility to work independently when I wanted to.”

When Vicki began her online degree program, she didn’t know what to expect. She soon discovered that taking her education into her own hands was advantageous: “You have the opportunity to read the material and working through the assignments. The learning environment at Bryan allowed me to better understand the material while having the flexibility to complete homework on my own schedule.”

Overall, she feels her experience at Bryan University online exceeded her expectations. When Vicki graduated, she felt ready and prepared to work as a paralegal.

Vicki’s advice for someone considering Bryan University is this: “If you are looking for a lot of learning, access to help when you need it, and a user-friendly learning experience, then Bryan is for you.”

She continues: “I enjoyed Bryan. I enjoyed my classes. I enjoyed my instructors. I enjoyed everyone I had contact with because they made everything so smooth and explained everything to me along the way. I’m happy with my whole journey with Bryan University.”

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