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Meet Student Success Coach Sandy Rath

Student Success Coach Sandy Rath loves helping students succeed. It’s what she does. Read on to find out why.

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Sandy Rath began her career in research but moved over to education when she met her husband.  The thought of odd hours and never being home as they started a family did not seem like the right choice for her as she always loved training and teaching.

Sandy started at the high school level but found out that they were moving to Phoenix for her husband’s job.  It was in that short three-week transition that Sandy found higher education. She began working in enrollment where she helped students through the first 18-27 weeks of class.  It was so empowering to provide the support they needed to be a successful college student. She soon realized after she completed her master’s degree that she wanted to work with students more on the academic side and provide support for their success.

That led her to Bryan University.

Sandy was introduced to Bryan University through an online ad and immediately looked up the mission statement and the reviews from the people who worked here. Right after that she applied and could not contain her excitement – this was the job that was exactly what she was looking for!

Sandy wanted to help people challenge themselves to be everything they can be and give them the skills and tools to be successful along the way and let them know there are people out there who believe in them and will be there for them.  She wanted to be part of an organization that built up the students into the best versions of themselves. She said the transformation of the students from the first day you talk to them after their first class, and then to see them successfully graduate is the most gratifying part of the job for her.  “It’s wonderful!” she says.

When asked about a day in the life of her career, Sandy doesn’t hesitate. Each day she spends time walking students through their classes and the technology, she creates game plans and goals to help them tackle life and school, and works with other departments when students reach out and get them to the right place or the answer needed.  She also gets to meet new students and talk to them about their “Why” and “Purpose”. This helps ensure students have a clear definition of what success means to them and gives them a reason to follow their own personal path to success. Each week, Sandy gets to help the students who are struggling and make sure they have the skills and support to get on track.

She said her current career at Bryan has changed her life in many ways. Sandy said she has always been the person whom friends, co-workers, or acquaintances would come to for help through hard times and when they were experiencing self-doubt.  She now gets to do help others with similar problems but on a larger scale and help more people realize their potential.

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Sandy said she believes strongly that if you put the effort in, you can achieve the goals you set for yourself and there is no limitation in that. It was that type of mindset and mission that were so closely aligned to how she felt that led to instant excitement when she applied! Couple this with the ability to work with students from the moment they begin and support them through to graduation – not only providing guidance, skills, and tools – but also to develop a nurturing relationship that is built on trust, compassion, and commitment to each student’s success, and the result is one fulfilled employee who is liberating her innate greatness.

Speaking of innate greatness, our mission “We believe in challenging the boundaries of traditional education and in liberating the innate greatness in people” is something else that Sandy feels very strongly about. She stated that she believes in the power of people – no matter the circumstance – the human spirit always finds a way. Being part of a university culture that wants to aid people in that process and provide the tools, skills, and support needed for that transformation is a wonderful feeling for her – one that keeps her motivated every day.

Sandy went on to say that there are many things that inspire her about Bryan University, and she especially takes inspiration each day a student overcomes something that they thought would never happen or that “Aaa-ha” moment when you are going over something with a student and it suddenly clicks for the student. She said those types of moments are the most rewarding part of each day.

“I get to leave feeling like I have made a difference.” She says.

And she does. Keep making a difference Sandy – we’re all behind you!

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