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Meet Juanita Hogan – Bryan U Medical Billing and Coding Graduate

Juanita BU Grad
Juanita Hogan, Bryan U Graduate

From a young age, Juanita Hogan knew she would someday like to work in the medical field. Having watched her mother work for the health department as a young girl, she was intrigued by the job, and more so when she was older, her mother started to work with medical filing. Juanita began a program for medical billing but had to stop when her youngest child was born with special needs.

Now that her son is older, Juanita decided to look at going back to school for medical billing. After some research, Juanita found the flexibility of Bryan’s online medical billing and coding certificate program convenient for her schedule; she reached out and was quickly walked through the admissions process. “Everyone I worked with at Bryan answered all my questions and walked me through all the needed steps. It was a great help.”

Once Juanita started her program, she admits that she was used to books and paper but that within two weeks, she was used to doing everything online. Once she got used to working online, she enjoyed the format. “The way the instructors walk us through everything when we meet each week is awesome.” Juanita was also grateful for the one-on-one time with the instructors during their office hours, “It was so helpful that if you couldn’t meet during the set office hours, my instructors were always willing to find a time that would work for me.”

One of her favorite aspects of her time at Bryan University was the LearnIt program, an online education platform utilized by Bryan. Juanita felt it was a valuable tool to help students go back through and understand and clarify the textbook materials.

Bryan University far exceeded Juanita’s expectations of an online school. She felt the instructor’s willingness to work with each student was terrific and that they wanted each student to shoot for mastery in their subject area. “If an assignment is closed, they will open it back up so that you can try again, so you really understand the material. You don’t find that everywhere.” She felt prepared to enter the workforce and ready to take the exams necessary for certification.

Juanita also found the Career Services team to be extremely helpful. Before graduating, she utilized the Career Services team to help her prepare her resume and took part in the pre-mentorship program. The pre-mentorship program had a series of sessions focusing on your personal brand, how to market yourself, and other topics related to professional growth.  

Now Juanita is working on her bachelor’s degree at Bryan in healthcare administration, and in between classes, she is studying for her certification exams. Juanita advises someone interested in starting or returning to school: “Bryan is the best school online. The instructors are great, and they will work with you, and the staff is always willing to help you or direct you to the person who can help you.”

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