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Meet Corey Peterson: Successful Personal Trainer and Bryan APTES Graduate

coreyThe most exciting thing about my career is helping others. When I first got into fitness, I was around 300 pounds and I wasn’t sure what to do. I started with P90X© and other fitness programs, and my military friends got me running. A lot of people had questions about my progress that I couldn’t answer, which inspired me to become a personal trainer so I could answer those questions. I’m now a certified personal trainer and building my own business with my roommate: Smash Brothers Fitness. I’m also working as a personal trainer at Anytime Fitness©. Because of Bryan University, including the teachers and the staff members, I gained the confidence to obtain my dream job and succeed. One of the greatest parts about my job is that I have a lot of diverse clients. For instance, I have an 85-year-old client that comes in on a regular basis, a 14-year-old client, a client who is a trapeze artist, and clients with severe disabilities. The best part about it is being able to help every one of them by individualizing their goals and design programs that are personalized and tailor-fit for their needs.

I graduated from Bryan University with an Associate Degree in Advanced Personal Training and Exercise Science, and now I’m back for the Bachelor’s program! I was pretty excited when they launched the Bachelor’s program and I actually dropped out of another school to come back to Bryan University because I had such an incredible experience with all the people here.

The main reason I chose to attend Bryan University is the people. I first spoke with Greg Vance and Adrienne Savone in Career services – they were nice and polite, and I felt they genuinely wanted to help me pursue my career goals. I’ve continued to work with Career Services extensively. Joe Torres did mock interviews with me to make me feel comfortable since I was really nervous interviewing for my dream job! Brandi Beals helped me tweak my resume to make it top-of-the-line. Everyone has been so supportive – they treat me like family. Immediately after I passed my NASM© certification, I went down to Bryan University in Tempe, Arizona, and Allison Bellais offered to buy me lunch! They all joined in celebrating with me! Every single one of the instructors are amazing! They’re not JUST teachers – they’re personal trainers. They’re business owners. They’ve been there, they’ve done this. They’ve been in our shoes. They know what the students need to be successful.

It’s incredibly difficult to narrow down the teachers who had the most influence on me, but I’d have to say Jesse Adarme and Brian Floyd. Not only did I spend the most time with them, but they held me accountable to completing my assignments. They would challenge and support me in a constructive way. They took the time to read through each of the assignments from all of their students, and they would provide constructive critique: things I could work on, things I did amazing, and things that I could do better as a trainer. Jesse and Brian are two of biggest inspirations that I could have as a student – they’re exactly what I want to be when I grow up!

My advice for anyone considering Bryan University is to take advantage of the time! If you’re thinking of enrolling at Bryan University: do it! Between the teachers, the curriculum, and the career services, they bend over backwards for their students to get the job that they want. They’re there to help you succeed.

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