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Meet Churchill Perry – Bryan U Associate Degree in Full Stack Web Development Graduate

Churchill Perry BU Grad
Churchill Perry, BU Graduate

Churchill Perry is a recent Bryan University Associate Degree in Advanced Full Stack Web Development graduate. After graduating from Brandeis, Churchill began a Master’s program in elementary education. While working towards this degree, several factors led him to consider pursuing a different career path. One of these factors was his excitement for coding and computer science. After debating his next steps and taking the time to learn more about coding, Churchill decided to leave his Master’s program and change gears to a web development or computer science program. 

Once he decided to change careers, Churchill began researching programs. During his search, he came across several promising programs, but most offered only a certification or were a boot camp type set up. Churchill wanted more, and he wanted a degree. After looking at what BU had to offer and the fact that it was an online school, he applied and quickly started. “I didn’t want my education to stop because of Covid. I wanted a degree, and I wanted to do coding, and Bryan offered that.” 

Applying to BU and starting the program was a very smooth process. “The staff made it very clear what I needed to do and the steps I needed to take.” Even though his interactions were online, the BU staff in admissions, financial aid, and other areas made everything very straightforward. The process was an outstanding experience for him. 

The outstanding experience continued beyond enrolling. Churchill enjoyed everything about his program. “This program was challenging, but it meant I could ask more questions and push myself. I was looking for that and I am glad I found it.” Churchill explained that while his background in coding was beneficial, he worked alongside classmates who had never coded before, and they all graduated together. He also enjoyed the layout of the program. Even though the eight-week modules seemed to go by fast, he still felt he had time to research independently and think about his learning. “The way the courses are laid out, you have enough time to synthesize the information you have learned in the book and class time without feeling overloaded.” 

Another positive for Churchill was his experience with his instructors. He noted that having an instructor for a few classes throughout his program allowed for excellent relationship-building. He also found it helpful that the professors were good teachers and professional coders. These professors made learning fun by combining real-world coding experience with excellent teaching and explanations of complex theories. Churchill enjoyed Professor Robert Kohlbus and found him an outstanding web development professor. 

About halfway through his program, Churchill was asked to become an academic consultant at Bryan, focusing on tutoring students in math and web development. He enjoys the tutoring work and being able to give back in this way. “One of the ways BU exceeded my expectations is in how much I can give back. When you go to college, it’s often about what you will get out of the experience. With this experience at Bryan, I feel I am also giving something back.”

Churchill is working on a Master’s in information technology while working part-time at BU as an academic consultant. “Bryan exceeded my expectations in many ways – the biggest way was the amount of support given by the team at BU. I didn’t know how much support I was going to have.” And what he has to say to someone considering the web development program – “Do it! And don’t let anything stop you.”

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