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Meet Bryan University Bookkeeping and Accounting Graduate Adrienne Austell

Adrienne Austell

Adrienne Austell is a bookkeeper, homeschooling mom of four, and a proud Bryan University graduate. After 17 years in the bookkeeping field, Adrienne decided to get her Associate Degree in Accounting to validate her time in the area. Her time at Bryan University solidified her strong bookkeeping and accounting knowledge while also expanding her knowledge of the field.

As a busy mom, freelance bookkeeping has given Adrienne the flexibility to prioritize her family while still doing a job she enjoys. Adrienne likes the order and structure of bookkeeping and the opportunity to utilize her organizational and multitasking skills. Though she has many years of experience, Adrienne knew that having a degree would improve her marketability in her field.

Adrienne began doing research online for schools that offered degrees in bookkeeping and accounting. When she found Bryan University, she was interested in completing school online and flexible class schedules. For Adrienne, the admissions process was seamless. “I spoke to someone at Bryan, and then I started classes two weeks later.”

Adrienne was thankful for the BU staff’s accommodation during her enrollment process. “Everyone was fantastic, informative, and helpful. They walked me through everything. I knew what I was committing to.”

Once classes began, Adrienne found the BU model conducive to her learning style. “I have never been an excellent student, and I always struggled with homework, but I have found with my experience at Bryan, I have excelled as a student.”  Adrienne enjoyed the model of meeting one or two times per week because it gave her the chance to learn the material on her own while getting the personalized support she needed. She made the President’s List all but one term!

Even though all of Adrienne’s classes met online, there were still opportunities to meet with classmates. Adrienne and her classmates usually logged on to the Zoom meeting a little before class started. This left enough time for small talk and getting to know each other. Yellowdig, one of the online social engagement and learning platforms that Bryan University utilizes, allowed her and her classmates to connect and give high fives or thumbs up, encouraging each other along the way.

“Bryan University is a school that really does care. From the directors of departments to the tutors and instructors, everyone made sure you were succeeding, and I felt supported the whole time.”

Adrienne felt her instructors were fantastic. She felt that while they were always present and available for help with coursework, they went above and beyond to provide resources for them to succeed even after leaving BU. Adrienne credits one of her instructors, Dr. Carlos Aquino, for always providing extra resources. “He would walk us through extra examples and show us step by step how to get through the work.”

Adrienne added that Bryan exceeded her expectations. The flexibility allowed her not to feel overwhelmed with her work. She was also grateful for the ability to master her work. She could hand in her assignments and then go back and improve her grade and master her skills.

“BU is worth it. It is a great opportunity to improve your education. It was very accomplishable, and I wasn’t overwhelmed. Bryan allowed me to get my degree while still homeschooling my children, working, and maintaining my other obligations.”

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