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Joy Springer

Joy Springer

As an English instructor for urban high schools, Joy Springer gained valuable teaching skills through perspective and presence. By providing attentive support and setting high standards for her students and herself, she also developed unique and rewarding instructional methods.

According to Springer, the best outcomes were reached by just “being there and connecting with students.” During a time when traditional education seems focused primarily on testing and group performance, instruction has begun to take on the role of passive mediator rather than inspirational guidance. “There are a lot of challenges in cultural and socioeconomic circumstance,” adds Springer. “You have to have reasonable expectations with your students as individuals.”

With more than 100 students to manage, finding the energy to reach out to every student became stressful. Fortunately, Springer was able to turn to fitness as a means to stay active and in good health. In fact, her love of fitness inspired her to return to school and obtain a personal training certificate from the National Personal Trainer Institute. She currently holds certifications from NASM, AFAA, TRX, FMS, and ITS.

Springer’s combined passion for teaching and fitness brought her to Bryan University as an Exercise Science Instructor, teaching students pursuing an associate’s degree in Advanced Personal Training and Exercise Science. Her lively classes and personal approach have won her favors with students as well as the administration at Bryan, such that in June 2013 she received the Undergraduate Faculty of the Month Award for the  university.

For Springer, the unique teaching methods used at Bryan University provide more connected experiences with her students. “The use of technology, flipped classrooms, and interactive presentations provide a much more personal experience,” something she says is sorely lacking in the modern fitness education. While not an entirely new concept, Springer says such barriers to education are troubling for the healthcare industry: “Personal trainers are essential as a voice for the need of increased fitness throughout culture.”

As the industry expands to keep up with healthier living practices, exceptional educators like Joy Springer lead the way for a future that is much more conducive to the prosperity of personal health.

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