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Faculty Spotlight: Emily Lowrey Let’s Her Light Shine

Emily Lowrey let’s her light shine for all of her students to see. Her impact on students is evident with every lesson she teaches.

As a Bryan University healthcare instructor, Emily Lowrey builds trusting relationships with her students, finding different ways to engage them. When students struggle with the material, Emily is quick to find something – or some way – to help them, support them, and connect with them.  She cites examples like sending text messages, calling, and instant messaging to encourage and support her students. She understands that students have complex lives and sometimes reaching out is just what they need.

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Through experience, she has learned that something like taking a few minutes to have a personalized zoom session to help students find new tools and resources can make a big difference because she knows people learn in different ways. She loves being able to help her students identify what it is that motivates them and helps them have a better experience overall.

Emily loves teaching – it was something she went into after working in the healthcare industry for over 20 years. She loves teaching different aspects of the health information management field and helping groom students to be prepared for what they’ll encounter after graduation as a health information professional.

She loves seeing students grow and progress. She shares the following story about one of her students:

“I had a fantastic student who questioned everything and expressed a genuine curiosity. It’s satisfying to see a growing passion for what you’re doing and finding purpose and value in it. I encourage all students to ask lots of questions – ask why? As this student continued to ask why, I saw her develop and grow. The biggest impact is that she found a true purpose – she knows what she wants – and I saw her confidence grow.

Now that she has graduated, I just received a text from her the other day to inform me that she got a position within the health information management field! She is so excited and she loves her co-workers. As she completed new employee orientation, she shared how good she felt because she knew exactly what they were talking about! She had the confidence that she can do this! She’s excited about the future and on her way. This is incredibly fulfilling for me.”

Emily also loves the Bryan University learning model as well as the university’s mission statement: “To liberate the innate greatness in people.” The concept of drawing out someone’s innate greatness, Emily says is exciting. “Bryan cultivates a learning environment where students can be themselves, but they can also become more. They discover there’s part of themselves that they didn’t even know existed. A part that can do these fantastic things. As faculty members, we get to help them do that, and I love that about Bryan.”

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Emily hopes she can continue to influence and inspire many more students through teaching at Bryan University. Her goal is to make a lasting impact on her students just as they have made a lasting impact on her. Her hard work and dedication to her students will ensure her light will continue to shine for many years to come.

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